Monthly Archives: June 2014

Serene Sunday

  1. Flowers, flowers, flowers!
  2. A free car wash compliments of the rain gods :)
  3. Using what I’ve got
  4. Accepting help when it’s offered
  5. Resourcefulness
  6. House Wren babies
  7. Books that say just what I need to hear
  8. Rich soil
  9. Grounding
  10. Feeling connected

Ahh, gratitude

  1. The grounding effects of gratitude
  2. Remembering to be here now (ironic to remember?)
  3. My patient husband
  4. Finding a huge 4-leaf clover without even looking today
  5. The strong moves & kicks of my belly baby
  6. Inspiration
  7. Time to clean & get things done
  8. Big fluffy pillows
  9. Life
  10. This

1. God

2. Summer days

3. Road trip with Cassie, Charlene and Richard

4. to a part of Massachusetts where I haven’t been, the south coast

5. Street fair

6. and the town’s library, not having seen anything like it nor knew what I was seeing at the time

7. then the Unitarian church, and the guide who pointed out so many of the details to me in the stained glass, pew carvings, altar, that I would have overlooked

8. Picnic on the bay with sandwiches and fruit that Cassie packed

9. Seeing the whaling museum which had special resonance since I’d recently read Moby-Dick and learning a lot about our nation’s early history in the process

10. Driving through the countryside, observing vineyards, farmland, farmhouses, rivers

11. A public beach at the road’s end


grateful for errors

Very Grateful for:

God’s patient correction

finding the error of pronunciation in my video before I uploaded it

and the error in a paper before I submitted it

and the error in one of my citations

learning to be ok with errors

Mom being transferred from ICU to a room

knowing she will get to go home upon her discharge, alleviating the worry of other options pending

recognizing that I went an hour without persistent worry

getting my chipped tooth fixed

making a nice grilled cheese sandwich on garlic bread with a bit of fresh basil


Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness. ~Pearl S. Buck

1. God

2. Corrections

3. Flowers in vases

4. Dinner outside

5. Something finished

6. Tabula rasa

7. Those who eat cookies (I would be among them)

8. Morning coffee

9. Not having to wait for the end (to get to the next thing)

“I claim and keep my miraculous moments” Crystal Andrus


New Moon

  1. Quintessential summer days
  2. The perfect combination of green and pink in the garden
  3. The heavenly scent of milkweed
  4. Butterflies that stop to snack on the milkweed
  5. Lake breezes
  6. Good news
  7. Harmony
  8. Dreaming in watercolors
  9. Brilliant sunsets
  10. Yellow submarine


  • “Land of the shining mountains”
  • Went to the lake this morning where we could view those mountains all around us…
  • …they were especially magnificent today!
  • Loving these warm sunny days, and those that begin with rain, fog, and then the glorious sunshine :)
  • Avon lady’s annual garage sale…spectacular…takes at least an hr. to look at everything :)
  • Seeing the first convertible of the season…with the top down :)
  • Sue’s white radishes from the Farmers Market
  • Truly appreciating all of the thoughtful expressions in the lists of everyone on WLG!!