1. God

2. Summer days

3. Road trip with Cassie, Charlene and Richard

4. to a part of Massachusetts where I haven’t been, the south coast

5. Street fair

6. and the town’s library, not having seen anything like it nor knew what I was seeing at the time

7. then the Unitarian church, and the guide who pointed out so many of the details to me in the stained glass, pew carvings, altar, that I would have overlooked

8. Picnic on the bay with sandwiches and fruit that Cassie packed

9. Seeing the whaling museum which had special resonance since I’d recently read Moby-Dick and learning a lot about our nation’s early history in the process

10. Driving through the countryside, observing vineyards, farmland, farmhouses, rivers

11. A public beach at the road’s end


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  1. Garrett, I so enjoy when you take us on your wonderful adventures! Went to my atlas and found Fairhaven…what an interesting and lovely area of our country….Massachusetts has so many fascinating and beautiful places to visit! (On my bucket list :) You made my day! Smiles of thanks :) Jean

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