Monthly Archives: June 2014

1. God

2. Ice

3. Flowers on tomato plants and zucchini plants

4. Coffee with Steve

5. Necessary rain

6. Seeing and listening to John K. again after several years

7. Walk around the park and an inspiration

8. Two or three things

9. Another way around

10. Keeping in touch with Julieta throughout her trip


  1. My husband
  2. Our daughter
  3. Friends
  4. Laughter
  5. Sincere compliments
  6. Helping
  7. Connecting
  8. Finding books through inter-library loan
  9. The patience of one of the librarians today with a belligerent patron (he was pretty abusive and she just stood her ground)
  10. This

Lots of Thanks!

1.  our new Sonos speakers that produce extraordinary sound from my little iPhone!  Wow!

2.  finding two huge pots of neon red geraniums at 25% off

3.  a wren has built a nest in our hanging basket on our front steps – hooray!

4.  cherries!

5.  trying new cheeses — S.O.B. Chèvre (goat cheese wrapped in spices and olive oil) today!

6.  royal blue nail polish on my toes

7.  volunteering at the library bookstore

8.  a laughing session with retired Nuns — fabulous!

9.  teaching Zentangle to Margaret who is 97!  yippee yo yo YO!

10.  spending time with my grandsons this Summer — yahoo!

Especially bgratitude for all the amazing friends and family in my life!

1. God

2. Phone call with Steve in the morning – he told me not to overthink things which is counterintuitive for my mind though appreciated

3. Pleasant and attentive visitors, and good to be prepared for them

4. Grateful to attend Allison Rimm’s Business of Life seminar.  Aforementioned visitors preempted my going to the first part of the workshop which was a disappointment, but Cassie convinced me not to think in all or nothing terms and see about going for at least 1/2 of the day which I did and appreciate.

5. Hannah’s enthusiasm about her summer job (David’s snarky commentary)

6. David enjoying a few days before his summer program and internship

7. Coffee readily available (not to mention the water, the motion we call heat, and the blades to grind the beans)

8. Zinnias emerging, especially bright red

9. Two daisies in a pot white with violet trim

10. Instantaneous flowering of daisies


  1. Listening to the night sounds
  2. Taking a tour of the hospital I’ll be in soon, hopefully
  3. When my daughter just wants to be held
  4. Just saying it- yeah, I said it (not related to anything else on this list)
  5. Prayers
  6. Compliment from my husband
  7. Good team for birth #2
  8. Creativity, drawing
  9. Ideas coming together
  10. This

1. God

2. Rivers

3. Accepting relearning

4. And that it’s today

5. Crystal’s creative expression as she nurtures Ava and awaits her second child

5. Helen thinking of me and writing, appreciate you taking the time

5. Talking to Bob

6. Texting and then talking to Julieta and appreciating her honesty and courage and strength

7. Help from Steve

8. Talking to John for the first time in many months and hearing about his new venture and his delight with it

9. Looking at beautiful houses while passing by on the road

10. Fullness of life

1. God

2. Moments

3. Essential questions – and it’s OK not to have an answer

4. Blooms

5. In pots

6. Salmon

7. Recommendations by Laurie put into action

8. Seeing next steps

9. Juliet’s picture of rose bushes

10. Passing it along


  1. My daughter said, “let’s go see the moon” tonight, and even though it was overcast and not quite dark, I took her outside. To our delight (or her satisfaction?) the moonflower I bought Saturday and planted had bloomed in just the hour or so since we’d been outside! A huge, gorgeous trumpet.
  2. Thunder and lightening
  3. Energy
  4. Work around the house- so satisfying
  5. Inspiring people
  6. A big, rustic-gold framed mirror that I found today
  7. As well as other little things we’ve needed
  8. Rearranging
  9. Nesting
  10. This

Gardening Gratitudes

1.  finally got to the rest of my gardening after the new roof was put in — flying shingles would have ruined anything sooner!

2.  the deer got to my grandson’s circle garden, but it is recovering

3.  found the most wonderful pink petunias with green edges

4.  I have a fun pot that is a woman’s head — the flowers are the hair (sunpatiens and spikes) — wowee!

5.  This year I turned my fairy/gnome rock garden into a memorial garden in honor of my Dad and others.

6.  I have a giant pinwheel and a bunch of little ones in it, along with green plants and hot pink begonias!

7.  We have a bird’s nest in our hanging basket of purple petunias — the flowers are dying, but hopefully little birdies will emerge.

8.  Pink dotted coleus for the circle garden with the gazing ball.  Deer don’t like them, thank heavens!

9.  Black-eyed Susan vine hanging basket — gorgeous!

10.  my Blue Heaven morning glories are hanging in there after a tough beginning.

Thank you to every single flower in our garden!