Monthly Archives: July 2014

Thank you

  1. For patience, which is like a muscle and gets stronger the more you use it
  2. For the two most wonderful daughters on earth
  3. For learning every single day
  4. For my amazing partner, who takes over the moment I reach my limit, and who makes it look so easy and loving
  5. For the way he loves our daughters, just as deeply, but it looks so different and fun
  6. For his unquestioning help, especially the last two weeks
  7. For taking a moment to be grateful, even when I just want to sleep
  8. For little feet, baby smells, soft breathing, tiny hands, velvet skin, and the deep, precious pools of my newborn’s eyes
  9. Toddler hugs and the way only mama can fix it, may I savor every moment of that
  10. This

1. God

2. Help from Laurie getting through something emotionally intense

3. Good time at dinner with Hannah and David

4. Phone ran out of juice and I was sans charger (a San-Disk wouldn’t help,) which was probably a good thing

5. Sunflowers in unexpected places, such as the alley way

6. Birthdays

7. Jokes

8. Paul stopped by with some results from our project which looks like it will work

9. Giving Pam some good news

10. A walk in the park

1. God

2. Seeing to things

3. Cassie taking the eggplant from the garden and making eggplant parmesan

4. Texts from Thom and Kyle

5. Charise’s friendly greeting and full smile

6. Crystal’s resourcefulness especially with feelings

7. Sally’s beautiful garden images

8. Helen’s dad home from the hospital

9. Finding material online that Cassie can use in her work

10. Asking Charlie about Rob, his brother, whom I used to know, and finding out that he’s doing well

Bright Colors and Summer Sunshine

  1. Cosmos  and zinnias grown from seed
  2. Joe Pye weed
  3. Blazing Star
  4. Black-eyed Susans
  5. Prairies
  6. Milkweed and the Monarch caterpillars that depend on them
  7. Allowing old hurts to resurface so that I can finally let them go
  8. A partial fast (18 hours) to make my liver happy
  9. Coping
  10. The gentle sound of distant thunder
  11. Trusting that everything is unfolding as it should
  12. Sharing with you


  1. Watched my husband fell a 90′ pine today
  2. and even helped a little, thanks to my infant being a good sleeper
  3. I sent him to the store yesterday and forgot to put buns on the list, so I made my own- fun and yummy and plastic-free! (Plastic bags make my stomach hurt with sadness so this is permanently on my list of things to do)
  4. Reading Two Winters in a Tipi and it’s fantastic
  5. A call from a beautiful friend
  6. Who also knows lots about herbs, which makes my day to learn at her feet
  7. Things are settling down a bit with my toddler and she’s adjustig to our newish routines with the baby
  8. My baby is growing even as I look at her
  9. My husband, their father
  10. This

a twofold manyfold love

Very Grateful for:

God’s care

working through doctors

and nurses

dad, home now from the hospital

Garrett’s kind texts and prayers

Hurley’s kindness

Mary driving all the way out here

and Amelia

Gratitude is a twofold love – love coming to visit us, and love running out to greet a welcome guest. ~Henry Dyke

1. God

2. First things first

3. A student asking me for a job recommendation, honored to help

4. The sergeant walking by to tell us of the tornado warnings (he’s my guardian angel)

5. Bookends  (they can also be used to preserve memories)

6. Writing things down (thank you, Crystal, for the reminder ;)

7. Clouds

8. After the noise subsided

9. Sight of Pegasus in the morning




  1. Gorgeous handpicked flowers from a friend
  2. Validation
  3. keeping at it, even through failure after failure
  4. Not wanting to be grateful, and then realizing that’s exactly what I need and want the most- instead of wanting other things to change, I really only truly want inner change to accept what is with grace and presence
  5. Sleepy baby sounds (finally:)
  6. My amazing, intelligent, strong-willed toddler
  7. Mystery and not knowing
  8. Garrett’s thoughtfulness to send a note about a potential threat to the blog
  9. Fresh clean teeth
  10. This