Monthly Archives: August 2014


Grateful for…

God’s messages when I’m in doubt

an afternoon spend building houses for fairies with my granddaughter

my grandson is feeling better

and the little one is just adorable

an art shop and getting almost everything my son needed for college and something for me too

no work tomorrow, no alarm tomorrow

a simple dinner tonight

having some TV shows in common with my son (a good way to spend some time together)

a calendar with all the art exhibitions in the area already mark



today and antique and future worlds

Very grateful for:

God’s todays, and antique and future worlds

Mornings with the herbs, just watering them and snipping them is wonderful

Garrett’s lists of David and Hannah’s triumphs

Amelia’s ability to teach middle schoolers

New lemon cucumbers from the Farmer’s Market

Textbooks available in downloadable pdfs

A scholarship received, just in time

Puddles on the pavement—indicating we’ve had much needed rain

Breathing in slowly and exhaling longer

Life is our dictionary … This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it … Give me insight into to-day, and you may have the antique and future worlds. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson in a talk given 177 years ago today.


2. A zinnia’s diadem

3. Butterflies

4. vegetables to bring to my parents

5. An evening wedding with a party in front of an apple tree

6. somewhere I have not visited

7. Cool breezes

8. Buildings that endure

9. People brought together

1. God

2. A kind orthodontist who took time out of his holiday to fix David’s problem with his braces

3. David has been a good sport about the whole thing and was greatly appreciative to the doctor

4. Rachel for all her work with David, and David’s acceptance that there are times when people will move on

5. Cassie threw a backyard party for Bill and Michel

6. Meeting pleasant guests, especially young, confident people

7. Lynn, Bill’s sister, thanked us for bringing two families together

8. Putting fallen sunflower stalks in a large vase with hopes they might continue to bloom

9. Keeping things simple

10. Hannah in her nursing scrubs, surrounded by her classmates


  1. Replacement case for my phone, no charge, thanks otterbox
  2. Mark made headway on siding the garage while I got the kids out of the house
  3. H gained weight well this month, her doc is impressed
  4. Managed to do all the important things on my list
  5. Talked to a mom of a 12-wk old who said her daughter’s evening fussy time (we are in the the throes of this now) only lasted til around 8 wks, which makes me very hopeful
  6. My amazing, beautiful daughters
  7. Mark taking over evening work so I can settle the baby
  8. Being present
  9. A kind return email from a favorite author I contacted
  10. This

1. God

2. Learning from mistakes

3. Eccles cake

4. Other sums

5. My mother and father taking David to lunch and enjoying his company

6. Invisible work

7. Softness of a cat’s fur

8. Clear blue skies

9. Wordless

1. God

2. Avoiding a large puddle of water

3. Lunch with Paul and Nathan

4. Practice expressing my point of view without disparaging the other person’s

5. Clouds

6. Runoff

7. Seasons

8. Ecclesiastes

9. God’s gift of time