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Sunday, End of November

1. Drawing
2. Advent gathering was cancelled tonight so I invited another family over to do it here- grateful I had the space
3. No prep and last minute, it turned out pretty well
4. Ava & G playing together
5. Lighting candes in the warm dark night
6. When everything comes together
7. Creating, drawing, designing
8. Comics
9. People with humor
10. Stacking wood
11. Not burning down the house (turned the oven on and forgot I had bread rising- oops)
12. Advent

1. God

2. Coffee with Steve P.

3. At this, enlightened

4. The cats keeping sentry duty for the mouse in the cupboard (poor mouse, though this is a wily one)

5. The new cafe which serves Cuban food

6. Everyone’s gone to the movies including us

7. Night walks with Mr. Peabody

8. Reflections


1. The farmer’s market
2. Cute little coffee place
3. Running into D, who I admire endlessly
4. Decorating for Christmas, garland on the stairs and loft and over the windows
5. Decorating in general
6. Sources of inspiration
7. Almost tree time!
8. Homemade soft baked pretzels
9. Rewiring my brain :)
10. Great resources from great friends

  • Yesterday sunny, warm, roads bare and dry…nice!
  • Great for those who took advantage of Black Friday.
  • Right now…lots of blowing snow…
  • …temps plummeting, minus 3 now
  • Grateful that we can stay home, cozy and warm :)
  • Great day for hot stew and GPa’s homemade bread!
  • Ice Melt
  • Hope Crystal finds the toy charger :)  (See Magic Pine Forest cartoon)
  • Addressing Christmas cards
  • Time


1. Sledding with Ava while Hannah slept this morning
2. She would tell me things as we walked up the hill- sharing little memory vignettes, things about daddy. It was so precious
3. “I’m gonna get you!” She says in the house, often, all day sometimes, and she means “chase after Me!”
4. And we run around and around and around the table and sometimes into the living room
5. Recently she started telling her dad to hide in the bathroom. She’ll wait a few moments and then go open the door and volia- he says boo, which sends her into a fit of giggles. 2.5 y/o giggles make my whole world okay.
6. The songs we both sing all day long, it’s a bit ridiculous really. She sings twinkle and baa baa black sheep and over the river and through the woods and frere jaques mostly right now.
7. Early morning painting again, I’m really starting to get used to this
8. H has started to sleep an hour or so after I get up, which is great sleep for her and nice one-on-one time for Ava and I
9. Hannah’s personality is coming through, her smiles and preferences and it’s so amazing to get to know this new person
10. This

Thanksgiving Gratitudes!

1.  Making a fruit Turkey Platter — fun, fun, FUN!

2.  Watching the Macy’s parade — fun, fun, FUN!

3.  Celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary with 44 kisses — fun, fun, FUNNEST!

4.  Going over to our son and daughter-in-law’s house for a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering.

5.  Getting a magical, custom-made surprise — the opening words to “O Holy Night” painted on canvas with real sparkly lights!!  Thank you, TaDa!  It is just fabulous!

6.  Being with family on Thanksgiving is the best!

7.  Taking turns saying what we’re grateful for — it turns out that we are ALL grateful for each other!

8.  Doing needlework while the rest of the crew watched football.

9.  Eating M & Ms for a snack because I hadn’t eaten enough food earlier!!  lol

10.  So very thankful for this life, friends and family, food and shelter, and to be able to give as well as receive!


1. Holidays with Ava
2. Her excitement over the littlest things
3. Hannah, who is a laughing, happy joy
4. My in-laws, who made the turkey, stuffing, gravy, Waldorf salad, and brought cranberry sauce (my goodness, that’s almost everything)
5. I made our own whipped cream for the pumpkin pie and gave everyone a generous dollup. Mark said “I really didn’t want any of that” and I just shrugged. Moments later, mouth full, he said “This whipped cream is divine.” Second major compliment in one week!
6. Taking a photo for the family calendar has become a tgiving day tradition- maybe not an entirely enjoyable one for everybody, but yay, new traditions
7. Ava and I painted a little while the bread was rising, and then she cleaned everything up by herself
8. Both children slept at the same time during the afternoon, I hardly knew what to do with myself!
9. Mark did all of the dinner dishes and put the food away- I am beyond grateful for all he does!
10. This


1. Life
2. Friends
3. Family
4. The little things
5. “This is the bomb” – best review of my cooking by my husband I’ve ever received
6. Thanks to osso bucco-style chicken
7. My toddler ate it too
8. Painting with her
9. Baby giggles
10. Every moment of this