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2014 – A Year To Remember

  1. Love and friendship
  2. My husband, who can still make me weak in the knees :)
  3. Amazing creative collaborations
  4. Strong and courageous women
  5. Authentic Kabbalah
  6. Monarch Butterflies & Metamorphosis
  7. Nature
  8. Miracles big and small
  9. Our four cats and one dog
  10. Going deep
  11. Learning to love myself
  12. All of you. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

1. Reading so many lists each day! It makes my heart happy. My favorite reading by far
2. Just enough time
3. A wonderful 2014 that brought my dear sweet Hannah (on Ruth’s birthday, no less) and a lovely 5 months with my girls
4. Watching Ava learn and grow, beautifully, with such self confidence
5. Hanging on for the ride with my husband, who does more than I give him credit for and with way less complaining
6. My amazing friends I’ve grown closer to (et volia, you know who you are) and new ones I’ve met, and old ones I cherish
7. My grandma, who is interwoven in my life like a shining blue thread
8. My home, which has become much more homey in the past few years
9. I think this year I grew more as a mom than ever before, I’ve faced more situations than I could predict and had to handle them from my best self (most of time!)
10. 2014, thank you for Hannah, for T&G, for S, for a surprise baby shower, for my doula and S who made it happen, for the end of our veganism, for healthy teeth, for Montessori, for wsj, for that decadent chocolate souffle on my birthday (and the treadmill that arrived on the same day, coincidentally?), for watching Ava open presents on Christmas, for the incredible gift of being home with my girls. Thank you.

until we are almost home

Very Grateful for:

God, guiding us until we are almost home

God’s angels on the icy roads

Warm in coats and actions

The two men who came to Amelia’s aid when her car was stuck on the icy road

And then  one of the men followed her to our neighborhood, until she was almost home, so she knew he was there and would feel safe

This wonderful event on the last day of this year

And a hopeful hope for the year ahead.

“The world likes to say ‘no.’ It doesn’t like change, as it has incredible inertia. It can’t help itself. So don’t judge the world. Accept that ‘no’ is all it knows. And then know it’s your job …to keep saying ‘yes,’ until the world is better off for it.” ~Danae Ringelmann, quoting her dad in Mindful online mag

Happy Start to 2015





1. God
2. Even though I don’t like some of the songs on the radio, grateful for the radio waves and frequency and electronics
3. Doubt and its benefits
4. Cassie’s generosity and thoughtfulness, remembering gifts for the neighbors, postman and the newspaper delivery person (who has perfect aim)
5. Fast tempi
6. Songs of longing
7. and appreciation
8. and remembrance
9. Robert Burns and his cup of kindness and other things

Feeling good about…

  1. Following through
  2. Looking ahead with anticipation
  3. …and fearlessness (sort of) :)
  4. A special friend who uplifts me every time
  5. My hubby’s self-proclaimed epiphany
  6. Happily wallowing in our “aha” moments :)
  7. My body’s miraculous self-healing powers
  8. Feeling younger than my age would suggest
  9. Unleashing my inner goddess
  10. Simply loving life

Happy almost new year eve

1 reuniting with dear old friends  those old connections warm your heart

2. Feeling blessed to be in the presence of my youngest son

3. Amazed at Suns wisdom

4. Organizing and purging feels freeing

5.  Stepping out trying new fitness classes.

6.     Continual thinking of the new year

7. Feeling the desire to begin a meditation program. Meaning a schedulebecause of the freeing feeling that results

8.happy pew New Years eve  may all your  desires and dreams manifest this new year



Mon dieu

  1. Shedding all the ick, casting it off with brilliant and hilarious commentary by my dear friend
  2. Lovely synchronicity
  3. Sleeping babies (will I ever not be grateful for this?)
  4. Taking an herbal cold medicine, and my husband makes jokes. “Did you take your sassafras?”
  5. My still-but-almost-not 2 year old was watching a symphony on youtube with me today (cheaper than the real thing, and pauses for diaper changes, how nice) and there was a particularly crashing part, where the violins were going crazy and she looked at it and said, “It’s messy right there.” And I died laughing.
  6. Also she liked the conductor who told everyone what to do
  7. I am learning how to be a better parent; a gentle, more effective educator, and wow, parenting is way more fun when you know what you’re doing. Or, have a matchstick in the cavern, at least.
  8. Milk. I didn’t realize how much I missed it til we started eating everything again. Moo.
  9. Happy mind, happy heart.
  10. The elusive bath, with eucalyptus essential oil. Hooray for happy cleanliness

1. God
2. Colors of time
3. A gal named January (she doesn’t like the cold)
4. Another gal named Crissy or Christy or maybe there’s K there and her face is the light of welcome and enjoyment
5. Comfortable chairs
6. The gate
7. Square windows that look round
8. Something higher
“I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received.” Antonio Porchia, Voices


1. My little ones
2. Seeing our neighbor and her grandbaby
3. Building more castles in the sky
4. What we have
5. What we don’t
6. Our options
7. Dedication to exploring them (what good are options you don’t know about?)
8. New learning games
9. Holding still
10. Going outside

2. Watching the Music Man with family. I hadn’t seen it all the way through, hard to imagine. Wouldn’t I want to be Robert Preston with his dance moves wooing Shirley Jones in “Marian the Librarian.” And isn’t Shirley Jones otherwordly.
3. Mothers of America, let your kids go to the movies. I’ll never forget David laughing at Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times when he was younger and even though he was less enthused about the Music Man, he laughed and appreciated the jokes and enjoyed himself. Hannah expressed concern that this would not end well because they couldn’t play their instruments and the music man couldn’t really teach them. Emily wouldn’t agree to Cassie singing along so she retreated elsewhere to sing her favorites like goodnight my someone at certain intervals.
4. When family come and go
5. When the streets are relatively quiet, with no school and fewer people going to work
6. Sentences starting up (this isn’t one)
7. Array
8. Bones for Peabody (Snoopy used to bury and catalog his, like with the date 7/31/64 or whatever)
9. Letting sleeping dogs lie
10. Catnip in high places