Monthly Archives: January 2015


1. Fun with numbers
2. Energy
3. Powerfully restful sleep
4. Grass-fed, cared-for animals
5. Articles in my back pocket for perfect timing
6. The way I feel
7. When hard things seem possible, or even easy
8. My best
9. Not having to explain
10. Free

1. God
2. A brother to call
3. A voice
4. A telephone (even if the folks back home don’t want to talk)
5. Four wheel drive
6. David takes the city bus and walks several blocks to school, mostly on his own initiative, progress
7. Cassie
8. Jeanette bought coffee for us all at the office
9. Cuddles

1. God
2. Sometimes finding solutions is simple, like moving a pawn to win a chess game
3. Solutions finding themselves or emerging, usually from whatever I haven’t tried or considered
4. Brave emergency personnel in the blizzard
5. Cleaner streets – enough to navigate, after two to three of snow
6. Snow covered hills in the distance, which were cold
7. And the wind came down from the cold mountains
8. David managing just fine
9. Yellow tulips in yellow vases

Fun Wednesday

1.  Fun time with two old friends

2.  Happy that Garrett is back with his wonderful words of wisdom

3.  Thankful that my son kept his appointment today

4.  Excited about a meeting tomorrow

5.  Good workout today; feeling inspired by Jenna Wolf, former Today show broadcaster.

6.  Thankful for the gift of the day – blessings to all


1. Native American culture (the earliest we know of, long before, well, we ruined it)
2. Fascinating information online
3. The ability to request books from other libraries (this never fails to amaze me. I am deeply, deeply grateful that we have a big nation of free resources working together)
4. A friend who listens patiently to my new discoveries
5. Getting my to-do list done
6. My cuddly, giggly girls
7. My husband, just as he is, any day
8. MIL is back safe from trip
9. Exciting ideas on the horizon
10. But being here, too.

1. Being patient with myself

2. We were back on schedule this morning.

3. Getting my husband to expand his horizons in the gym <3

4. A delivery of new educational materials…So fun!

5. The sound of my boy figuring out some new songs…a reminder of his passion for the piano

6. Going to the grocery store and sticking to the list

7. Hearing the right words at the right time

8. Knowing when to say yes and when to say no

9. Our home

10. Learning new things about people