Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • 911
  • Paramedics
  • Hospital ER
  • Good news
  • V.A. pharmacy opening for Gpa on a Saturday…Love our V.A.!
  • Grateful when what seems daunting results in relief
  • Oh yes, and then the tire rim on the car was bent and letting the air out…
  • …repaired without incident
  • Getting through the day with mindfulness :)
  • Now

Life is a Mystery and that’s okay

1. New cheap earrings – i feel instantly better and lighter wearing them:0)

2. I get to practise gratitude in an exhausted body – i do feel rather light and happy allthough the body feels like i haven’t slept for days, and the complaining mind has tons of arguments for feeling lousy.

3.   Delightful lunch at a lunchbar with my son

4.  He wasn’t that interested in buying a lot of clothes and other stuf – everything was simpler, is he growing up..

5. I know more about what clothes i can wear nowadays – and it is okay.

6. Still some energy left for the guitar practises

7. And, ah.. looking forward to going to bed – having no spesific plans for tomorrow:0)



1. God
2. Erica saying to me it’s not you and you don’t know what’s going on with others but the reasons may have to do with them. I told her how much I appreciate her and her wisdom.
3. Cassie made banana bread for David
4. Pegasus keeping me company at night
5. Accepting that it’s just today – I may have to learn many things over again that I thought I knew.
6. Friendship
7. At a loss for words, maybe there are enough

Inner days of silence

1. I still love to see  photos of Obama’s big smile and there’s one from Australia – he holding a koala – looking so happy (maybe both of them hi hi)

2.  Coffee , Silence and hearing the sea in the background

3. I said yes to going  for a shoppingday with my youngest son – i can feel the Goodness in it in forehand

4. Webinar with my teacher last night was so nourishing – loved the way he pointed to how  our Creator let us play our games, as long as we find them interesting and soothing:0)

5. Looking forward to this week – more silence, finding new tiny or bigger ways of relating to life

Love to you all,,

Thank so much for this site:0))

students of all ages

Very Grateful for:

God’s reboots

Amelia’s acceptance to the College of William and Mary

that her acceptance came three weeks to the day of Mom’s departure for Heaven

my dismissal of the opinions of those folks who say there are no coincidences

the fun of seeing Amelia’s excitement

knowing that Mom is smiling too


“I have never ceased to be a student. I have never ceased to learn.” ~Lee Kuan Yew


Another lovely day Thank You

1.   Small branches with fresh green leaves – taken from our garden, decorates the house

2. The body is painfree, the evening is full of silence and there is no real need for anything

3. Breakfast outside today, sunshine, birds singing and dear neighbors chatting friendly in the background

4. Blessed with belly laugh – there are still jokes acessible that are really surprisingly good

5. Left a potato in the garden to see if any mouse is interested

Three to two

1. Reduction in household. Seems odd without my son.

2. Adapting to empty nest again.

3.  Importance of each finding his/her path.

4. Letting go,letting God

5. An old baptist song repeats in my mind.

6. Hearing my sons Reaching out, letting go, and making amends.  A dream come true and I hope it grows into a wonderful friendship

7.  Thinking of crystal and her family-so many changes, new environment with ill children: a very ground woman who will adapt.

8.  Blessings and love to each of you;  may spring bring you an abundance of happiness

9 thankful for the gift of another day.

New Normal

Adjusting to the new normal- in so many ways. Prolonged illness, being somewhere that’s not home, a changed reflection in the mirror, inner shifts of clarity and direction.
Knowing what I want.
Unexpected coils of energy
When it’s all flow
The first few minutes of silence after a long night

Softness works

1. My son’s wise words to his dad in stressmode

2. A meeting with a twelve year old ,, brave beautiful soul

3. A quality hug from a close close friend

4. Spontanously entering the drugstore i – for good reasons – have not visited since 2008. It looked so  fresh and new :0)

5. My mini bodyscan really helps nowadays