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Answered Prayers

1. Thank God for answered (and unanswered) prayers
2. And for Mary Ellen’s lists, which make my day, though I’m sorry you’re having a tough time, I know you’ll pull through
3. Finishing every poem in the Writer’s Digest April poetry challenge, though some (most?) are well and truly unpublishable (but when has that ever stopped me, I mean c’mon, life is too short to squabble about that right?)
4. Irreverence
5. A really good out if I want one
6. Feeling free and light after hearing an offer was declined (obviously wasn’t supposed to be!)
7. And a little amped on sugar, but hey I’m writing
8. Writing
9. Whatever form that takes
10. Total honesty

Almost friday

1. Feels like a long week and I am anxious for friday

2 No golf tonite. Too cold so substituted with a little shopping

3. Enjoying the beautiful pear trees daffodils , and circle of tulips.

4. Imaging how it would feel to live in the seiberling house. What a magnificent estate.  It would be so fun to get married here. .

5. A happy meeting with long time clients, those who express joy in talking

6. Looking forward to baking a cake for a party.  I find it relaxing and joyful

7. Celebrating this weekend deacon hood for a long time friend. It is incredible to learn about the training and commitment during the past 5 years.  Wives are very much involved

8. Thankful for the gift of this day. Blessings to you.

Happy to be stuck with you

If you can’t say anything nice,don’t say anything at all. This will be a short list. Just kidding!

My hubby and I have traveled a road that is over forty years long. That’s many days and nights together.

The road has included ups and downs. There have been rocky parts, construction,hills,twists,turns and smooth sailing. We have gotten lost at times. We have traveled in silence, chatter or just the facts ‘maam.

He always worries about my daughter and I. He is the go to person when tires need air.

He starts the coffee every morning. When he isn’t feeling well, how I miss this!

Our grandson adores him. He loves his grandchildren.

He and my daughter’s dog are never more than a few feet apart, If he was the man the dog thinks he is ,this list wouldn’t be so hard. Perhaps to the dog he is perfect.

He is  active at the Church and idolized by the “mature” women.He is the pumpkin king at Church. In his orange sweatshirt he resembles a pumpkin.

I enjoy evenings with him. I just wish he wouldn’t eat my snacks.

I remember at our daughter’s wedding having a dance for us with the song “Happy to be stuck with you!” and I am!

Gentleness is it

  • A gentle calm inner Wow
  • My favourit neighbor is even more  my favourit – after the rather, for me, challenging  discussion we had yesterday.
  • “Things that make you go :]” on facebook
  • Thank you April for early spring this year.
  • Blue sky Sun Birdsong Ocean in millions of Facets the Brook on our yard clear wild and free of ice and snow
  • All the kind people that i meet nowadays
  • Kindness
  • Warmth

1. God
2. Only took so many decades to admit what I don’t know
3. So I ask David, after he makes a pun on Hessians, what are Hessians, and he tells me.
4. Then there are things I don’t know I don’t know
5. Which leads me to think of one of my favorite models, the Johari window
6. And the window on the world
7. And an invitation to greet oneself (and others)
8. Getting the news from poetry

So Grateful!

— weird Spring weather, wearing a hoodie this morning, very comfortable – this afternoon I was too warm – then to a grandson’s baseball game and freezing — coat, blanket, hood up!

— always glad to find gas at a good price

— full body massage — oh me!  oh my!

— grandson’s team playing really well and winning in a “mercy”

— chicken dinner with husband, daughter, and Carol #1 (I am Carol #2)

— getting my new phone hooked up in my car all by myself!  hooray!

— the trees and bushes are misty green, many are bursting forth with gorgeous flowers — thank heavens for Spring!

— Baltimore is still having trouble, but they also have been turning things around in miraculous ways — Pastors, politicians, parents, and others are being such positive influences in these turbulent times



1. God
2. Excited by possibilities
3. We love our new bed
4. So do our animal companions – it gets crowded sometimes
5. Sun emerging
6. Lilac bushes budding
7. Where did this green grass come from?
8. Knowing and knowing again

1. Walking land today with Mark&Hannah, playing in the woods
2. Actually going out this evening with girlfriends, albeit with a baby
3. Watching myself, aren’t we fascinating from the inside
4. A new theory on currents of energy
6. Being honest
7. Trusting
8. Inspiring women
9. Connectedness
10. This

Slowing down

1. Running out of energy. But a happy day

2. Sunshine filled out part of the world. Sun always gives me a boost of energy

3. Revisiting the Kent state shootings. Experiencing some similarities with today’s unrest in Michigan and baltimore

4. Let’s all focus on nationwide peace for all people with no exclusions

5. So grateful my son is embarking and very soon will. Begin on his career path   This is a parents dream

6  grateful for spiritual guidance appearing from many sources

7  fresh strawberries and whip cream, a substitute for chocolate

8 so grateful for access to each of your posts and for your wise words

9. Thankful for the gift of this. Day.