So Grateful!

— weird Spring weather, wearing a hoodie this morning, very comfortable – this afternoon I was too warm – then to a grandson’s baseball game and freezing — coat, blanket, hood up!

— always glad to find gas at a good price

— full body massage — oh me!  oh my!

— grandson’s team playing really well and winning in a “mercy”

— chicken dinner with husband, daughter, and Carol #1 (I am Carol #2)

— getting my new phone hooked up in my car all by myself!  hooray!

— the trees and bushes are misty green, many are bursting forth with gorgeous flowers — thank heavens for Spring!

— Baltimore is still having trouble, but they also have been turning things around in miraculous ways — Pastors, politicians, parents, and others are being such positive influences in these turbulent times



2 thoughts on “So Grateful!

  1. Heading to Baltimore Sunday! I survived the riots of 1968 there. The city will survive. I am sad for what has been lost. This demonstration was unfortunately about class and poverty not about the poor soul that lost his life at the hands of weak sick bullies.

  2. Hello. So happy you posted the unrest in Baltimore. As was commented it seems like we here in the U.S. should have learned from the past and moved on. But poverty exists as do race differences. Too bad fox is a large source of news.

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