Almost friday

1. Feels like a long week and I am anxious for friday

2 No golf tonite. Too cold so substituted with a little shopping

3. Enjoying the beautiful pear trees daffodils , and circle of tulips.

4. Imaging how it would feel to live in the seiberling house. What a magnificent estate.  It would be so fun to get married here. .

5. A happy meeting with long time clients, those who express joy in talking

6. Looking forward to baking a cake for a party.  I find it relaxing and joyful

7. Celebrating this weekend deacon hood for a long time friend. It is incredible to learn about the training and commitment during the past 5 years.  Wives are very much involved

8. Thankful for the gift of this day. Blessings to you.

2 thoughts on “Almost friday

  1. This seiberling house – wow – we don’t have those mansions up here.
    One of the many reasons why we say everything is bigger Overthere:)
    Wish you a lovely weekend!

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