Answered Prayers

1. Thank God for answered (and unanswered) prayers
2. And for Mary Ellen’s lists, which make my day, though I’m sorry you’re having a tough time, I know you’ll pull through
3. Finishing every poem in the Writer’s Digest April poetry challenge, though some (most?) are well and truly unpublishable (but when has that ever stopped me, I mean c’mon, life is too short to squabble about that right?)
4. Irreverence
5. A really good out if I want one
6. Feeling free and light after hearing an offer was declined (obviously wasn’t supposed to be!)
7. And a little amped on sugar, but hey I’m writing
8. Writing
9. Whatever form that takes
10. Total honesty

2 thoughts on “Answered Prayers

  1. You sound lighthearted and that is good. Life is good and unfathomable except in retrospect. We are going to be fine! Keep reassuring me!

  2. Hi crystal. You are holding positive vibes and thoughts for your new home. You recal. This blessing, this or something better. With love

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