Gentleness is it

  • A gentle calm inner Wow
  • My favourit neighbor is even more  my favourit – after the rather, for me, challenging  discussion we had yesterday.
  • “Things that make you go :]” on facebook
  • Thank you April for early spring this year.
  • Blue sky Sun Birdsong Ocean in millions of Facets the Brook on our yard clear wild and free of ice and snow
  • All the kind people that i meet nowadays
  • Kindness
  • Warmth

About Mee

I live in Norway I love all of life - that has some degree of enthusiasm in it:0) I am on this site because i want to focus on opening up for more enthusiasm by sharing and enjoing our common :0))

One thought on “Gentleness is it

  1. o me I have been thinking of you. I too love to connect with warm and kind people. I believe when we are open to others and in the moment others appear. Actually they have been there/ here all the time.

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