Monthly Archives: May 2015


1. God, thank you for the live energy within us all, the spirit
2. Thank you for these amazing bodies, thoigh they’re all different they’re pretty similar- and we can do so much with them
3. Thank you for these amazing brains that think and reason and figure- and observe reality and laws and act within them, even when they might not be true
4. Thank you for our endless ealth systems, blood clotting and virus fighters and I don’t even know all the forces at work to keep me healthy
5. Thank you for loved ones, the connection we see when we look in someone’s eyes, the heart softness we feel when talking deeply
6. Thank you for the systems we’ve orchestrated to take care of us in countless ways- food systems and housing and government and money and social. It’s mind-blowing what humanity has done to take care of us all!
7. Thank you for choice and freewill and creativity to think and make and dream
8. And thank you especially for the power to DO! We can make almost anything happen, anything! What incredible magic is this!
9. Thank you for the beauty, the art and music we create, the joy and love in what simply nourishes our senses
10. Thank you for this incredible life and the opportunity to be here on Earth, having these experiences!

Welcome June

  • Francis Lucille webcast – a brother from home
  • My som telling my how good he feels after driving tractor and working in the field all day
  • Seeing my old aunt gradually lightning up when visiting her today. She is so easy to please, and a privilege to talk to.
  • The summer wind, so mild and gentle
  • Mum and dad having a good phone call – being able to laugh at they’re a bit outdated – after all
  • Summer night bright and mystic


1.  I get to go to church.

2.   Enjoy the new sunny day.

3.    Woke up slowly with my pup.

4.    See my son before he goes to work.

5.   Get things done around the house.

6.   I get to get out and bicycle.


1  Battery power – rechargeable garden tools  !

2  Flow – relaxing into Life !

3  The Body – healing itself  !

4  Nature

5  Finding what you need

6  Wool gaberdine

7 Silk

8  Knowing

9  When to stop

10  When to say nothing


Just a word

I admire those who choose a word or two to sum up there gratitude . I’m more long winded. Today I will seek a few words that sum up my week of gratitude.














Thank you God for May 30, 2015!

  1. Sold a mug on eBay!
  2. Waking up to the delightfulness and coolness of the rain!
  3. Seeing the birds fly onto our garage roof and happily enjoying the rain!
  4. Took a very nice 3-hour nap!
  5. That I can consume salt and cheese now!
  6. Sandwiches!
  7. Farmer’s markets!
  8. Relatives from California will be coming to visit and they will be bringing goodies, including organic raw honey and homemade pastries!
  9. Organic lemons!
  10. All of the fresh organic fruits and vegetables that are coming into season now! Hurray!
  11. Got to enjoy a really nice peaceful and quiet Saturday cooking for family and eating with them at home :)


1. Finally settling into a routine at home with the girls. Amazed that it takes so long, so grateful we’ve got it
2. Laughter with my husband
3. My amazing daughters, their growth, their minds
4. 30 mins to walk & chat with a friend
5. Getting clear about a goal and working towards it
6. Pleasantly surprised when I looked some things up I’d been only guessing about
7. My morning routine, which is more energizing than coffee
8. Not having coffee for several days and feeling good- so grateful
9. Getting a little clearer about what we’re looking for in land
10. Time and options :)

Feeling good in inner cloudy weather

  • Sharing my 90 year old aunt’s appreciation for being so well taken care of at the hospital
  • Mum still manage to bake her own breads
  • Paying a visit to our local cemetery – it was so lovely quiet and beautiful nature sounds and colours surrounded us. Both mum and my sixteen year old son joined and seemed to feel this goodness too.
  • Tired body and lot’s of good laughing tonight watching Mr Bean movie
  • Thank you –  for  sharing all the  constant new perspectives of being grateful – we really do have so much in common:0)


1  Flexibility – my schedule. Just need to work on the physical kind now!

2  Commonality – shared appreciations. We have more in common than we think. Thank you Garrett!

3  Peonies – filling my garden, my home and my neighbors home (for beautiful, fragrant, natural gifts)!

4  Bees and Butterflys – for all they do. Planning to help them in return :)

5  Skype – the opportunity to talk and laugh with my Friend in England for hours, for free!

6  For this iPad – making technology and posting so intuitive, so easy!

7  Free range eggs – so yellow, tasty and healthy! I know the chickens are happy and it shows!

8 Taking care of business – banking and medical screw ups today. Thankfully not mine!

9 Balance!

10 Opportunities/Options. Having more than we think we have!