Monthly Archives: December 2015

What I got for Christmas?

A pack of 152 crayons. My grandson was impressed with that!

Music- that which you sing , that which fills your soul!

An out of print DVD movie.

An afternoon decorating tote bags. How cleansing it is to do something creative

One life left this Earth I will remember his dignity,

One life started.Welcome to the world Evan Harrison.

A friend finding out she is expecting.

Mended fences and happy hours, tears and laughter

Peace after the argument. I cannot see the path or travel it without him . Nor would I want to.

Christmas Gratitude

The presents are secondary ,presence is overwhelming,spirits of Christmas past are present.

Watching people open things!

The stories behind the presents


Getting everything on your list

Being together.

Meg’s delicious lasanga

Salad tossed with wooden hands


Laughter at the inane trivia game

Impossible questions like what was the little drummer boy’s first name?

Home in jammies saying “What a nice Christmas!”

1. God
2. Family
3. My father’s sense of humor
4. Quiet house
5. Next day’s birds
6. Noises in the street
7. Clothing
8. Warmth
9. A place to lay my head
10. Oliver stopped by to talk and wish us a Merry Christmas

1. God
2. An evening out (I don’t think it was with the constellations or the sun but there was a full moon or the beginnings of one)
3. A calendar of black cats
4. Beloved dog
5. Trills and sparkles
6. The Charlie Browniest Christmas tree on the porch
7. People in your heart
8. The eggs
9. The twins who can think each others’ thoughts and speak each others’ words
10. Christmases now and in the memory