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Christmas at midnight

The secure feeling of knowing you are ready

The serene feeling of coming home from Christmas Eve service. Such a nice service!

The promise of tomorrow that something will go wrong but you’ve got stamina and laughter.

A call from a son you haven’t talked to in months causes a range of emotions

I’m proud of all of my children!How I wish we lived closer together.

The sound of snoring behind me. As compelling as the sound of waves or wind in the trees.

A WLG  friend who took time to send me a Christmas card. Thanks Rose! Merry Christmas!

It is true the list gets shorter and the longing is for things that can’t be bought.

Merry Christmas to All and to all a Good Night!

1. God
2. Carols sacred secular and in human form
3. Waltz for Debbie
4. Erica for making time to speak with me
5. Stopping time
6. Gosia got a job and she gets to work with John P., whom many of us think should be canonized
7. Imperfect saints among us
8. Gravity
9. Catching, holding and letting go
10. Melissa and our work together

Let me tell you about my best friend

I’m so grateful for Carol!

She introduced me to the power of laughter.

She reminded me to push up when I was at the depths.

She told me to calm down when I was flying too high.

Grateful for her energy and enthusiasm.

Whatever gifts she has to shares them with the world.

Her adage that loving someone always is a good answer.

Purple Christmas trees, sock monkeys and Zentangles

When I count the wonderful things in my life , I count you twice!

Yippee, yeah , Oh!


Oh Thank You

  1. Unexpected blessings this morning
  2. My CSW shirt arrived, turned out lovely
  3. Unplanned selfie with Kristie, who was wearing hers too
  4. A beautiful theme and work done for her 
  5. A long walk at the gym with my favorite audio in my ears
  6. Seeing how incredibly wise and polished my grandma is
  7. Following through
  8. Unexpected free time
  9. And luxurious r&r
  10. This beautiful life

1. A little bit of time alone

2. Giving things away

3. My dad’s attention to detail

4. My husband and boy going to swim laps together

5. Cooking something new

6. A business opportunity for Logan…He’s said for several years that he wants to be a baker, and at 13 he’s making it happen.

7. I’m so grateful that we have followed our own path

8. Thankful memories of Ruth and her influence…and sharing with her in my heart.

9. Christmas lights

10. Dog silliness :)

1. God
2. Hannah made it home safely
3. David likes his job and would take more hours if offered
4. Warm climes no complaint there
5. Betsy and Michael for driving to our site visits
6. Cassie came up with a great gift idea for our staff – coffee mugs that name books that have been banned at one time or another. When you pour hot liquid into the mug the blacked out titles are revealed. She did the wrapping too, bless her.
7. Andrea’s return (x2)
8. Chris willing to help
9. Gratitude reminders – especially to give more energy to what I’m grateful for
10. Surprised by poetry

Thank you

  1. So many blessings received today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude
  2. The deep blue sky this morning as the sun tried to shine behind the thick clouds that were slowly rolling away- it cast the most enchanting blue 
  3. All my shopping done, though admittedly not a lot for many, but a good ones for a few
  4. All my wrapping done, save something that hasn’t arrived yet
  5. A long walk with the girls in the stroller, I am amazed it’s still warm enough to do this
  6. Met with the inlaws to see Archie, the 18′ (?) tall snowman who lives in the mall and talks. An Akron tradition. 
  7. Trusting my gut. Also, riding the escalator with my daugher
  8. Firefighters were also there passing out candy, and when my eldest came by they surrounded her, offering stickers, suckers, candy canes. And I flushed on her behalf 
  9. A long, lovely chat with my aunt, who I adore and am proud to be like
  10. This precious day

Happy Anniversary

1. Our Anniversary-15 years!

2. A phone date with my favorite friend

3. Celebrating Christmas today, with my parents

4. Molly and Sugaree being very happy with some new toys-We don’t know if Molly had ever received gifts before. <3

5. The dogs putting on quite a show for company

6. Opting to order pizza instead of cooking

7. Cookies!

8. Logan playing the piano

9. Kindness

10. Choosing LOVE