Monthly Archives: January 2016

1. God
2. E-mail from Crystal
3. Peabody coming to greet me at the door
4. An invitation to serve
5. Warm climes in January
6. People willing to help
7. Andrea telling me stories about her trips to Africa
8. Unknown

So Much Gratitude

1. vinegar water for arthritis — a miracle!
2. watching birds at the feeder
3. getting gas at $1.47 per gallon!
4. a new topaz ring!
5. sleeping in
6. staying up late
7. coloring a postcard for my daughter
8. Laughing Club of NE Ohio
9. finding a huge plastic bin full of my writing!
10. singing in our Threshold Choir to people in palliative care or hospice — sacred!

1. God
2. Flowers from Cassie
3. Letter for Dolores
4. Saying what I mean and meaning what I say
5. Note from Breanna saying she will pay it forward
6. Stroking a cat
7. The cadences of Hector’s voice
8. The delicatessen with its intriguing comestibles
9. Time at the ascent and descent of the street of bricks

  • Happy Birthday, Cathy!
  • A grateful Blessing
  • Thoughtful
  • Kind, generous, loving, smiles
  • Making the planet a better place
  • Life Coach
  • Awesome Mother and Grandmother
  • Yellow….Sunshine…summer…warm climates
  • Travel
  • “Invisible Power” -K.Manning,R.Charbit,S. Krot