blowing Thursday

  1.  Fun watching the big white flakes moving east to west/north or south;
  2. happy spring is only 23 days away
  3. feeling peaceful due to taking time out for meditation
  4. getting go of fear and releasing to faith
  5. paying attention to food intake; much too easy to increase intake and add the pounds
  6. As stated by TUT, thoughts become things.  It’s important to create positive thoughts
  7. I visualize joy, peace, love, abundance and thankfulness; very simple, but effective
  8. Thankful for the gift of the day
  9. Blessings to each of you

2 thoughts on “blowing Thursday

  1. I’m watching my food choices too. I’ll be going out in this beautiful stuff soon.
    Let go of fear and visualize positive things Amen

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