Rose has been quite excited about the play that shows a women’s alternate lives if her choices were different. Rather than speculate on what might of been I shout to the universe , Thank you for planting me where I am! I will bloom!

Thank you for my hubby. The rocky roads,the straight paths and the nights of togetherness that is true peace.

Thank you for my children. My oldest is strong and capable. My middle is hardworking and funny.  My youngest has found a balance of work and love. The lost sheep has wandered far away but he is a good person.I am proud of them!

Thank you for my grand children. One is my sunshine. One is my shining star.

Thank you for enough! We will never be rich except in the things that count.

Thank you for my home. Blue shack by the track.Our shack!

Thank you for my Church. God is everywhere but I can find Him fastest in the people at First Christian Church of Stow

Thank you for music and laughter. Thank you for smiles and friends.


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