Thank you

  1. An incredible gift, a custom cabinet craftsman has a desire to create for us far beyond our budget
  2. Long days, short days, but each day is a gift to be alive
  3. Finding the things that make me smile, cry tears of joy and inspiration, or just love outright
  4. Telling the stories I want to tell instead
  5. Brilliant, creative young minds
  6. Endlessness, or seeming it, and then realizing it changes so fast
  7. Finished reading Hanagarne’s World’s Strongest Librarian, very good, and I prefer the World’s Greatest Librarian, Garrett Eastman. And I would like to read his memoir, hint hint. 
  8. H received a new teddy bear shortly after Garrett sent the girls a book, so we named the bear Bearett, after him, and this makes me smile everytime I see it
  9. My eldest can read a house plan, though not yet words, this also makes me smile
  10. Playing outside

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