1. God
2. “the exhilarating moments after birth, when two souls meet” Katrina Kenison, though in this post she is talking about spiritual kinship with a grown woman. Still it made me think of(remember?) the sacred phenonmenon of birth.
3. People who share their time and attention
4. Rose
5. Jean G.
6. A cold bright sunny day
7. Accepting the stuckedness in traffic because I will get somewhere eventually
8. White tulips with a purple tint from Cassie
9. Canvas

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  1. Garrett, thank you for sharing Katrina’s post…so lovely. And Cassie’s tulips are beautiful…she obviously has good taste in her creativity!
    Warmly, Jean

  2. Hi. Tulip with purple. How beautiful. What’s more important, is reading your post. Always brightens my day. With love

  3. Garrett The faithful poster. I picture you as a bird singing! Praise God! Look around!
    Beautiful images!
    Stuckedness made me laugh!

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