Monthly Archives: March 2016

Busy week

Grateful for the busy week that led up to Easter.

Work that puts money in my pocket.

Church that let’s me serve and worship.

In giving we receive

Unexpected out of town company. We talked for hours.

I weary from much to do but am grateful for the energy and commitment to do it.

Beautiful service!

Chines food for Easter. Let someone else cook this year!

A restaurant that served soup went out of business because the Winter was too mild. I will miss the Stewpot.

Our Year

  1. Knock on wood- husband and I just did a tally and said, wow, things are going great this year
  2. Our cabinet maker found a 2-year old stove to give us, in great condition- convection even! And a dishwasher to boot. We might be able to have appliances in our house after all;)
  3. Our builder is truly the best- he has done so much to keep us at budget- we’re building with a small budget but he treats us like kings. 
  4. Our loan officer is incredibly nice and savvy- and? She offered to give the girls pre-loved bunk beds from her own home, as they’ve just grown out of them. 
  5. I’ve had several amazing clients this year that are requiring me to bring my best game, which I love
  6. I’m coaching 3 women, too- which is a heart’s dream- to help them make their dreams come true
  7. We’ve met so many wonderful people, and learned so much
  8. And hopefully by fall we’ll have a house to show for it:)
  9. This incredible spring weather
  10. Every moment on this blue ball

1. God
2. Family
3. Magnolia tree in bloom
4. which blooms like memory
5. basket of delight
6. daylight approaching
7. clouds breaking
8. kind greetings
9. Cheryl for hosting me
10. songs gliding

March 18-25 gratitudes

  1. Fri. 3/18: I am grateful getting thru this very busy day, being productive, and having the chance to get to bed early.
  2. Sat: 3/19: I am thankful for a productive shopping trip, good meals, and for stretching and exercise.
  3. Sun 3/20: I am grateful for conversing with relatives and friends, for inspiring music on you tube, and for making progress on home projects.  I am thankful to be able to visit relatives in May.
  4. Mon 3/21: Glad to be of service for others in sending information to friends.
  5. Tues 3/22: Grateful for making progress at work today, and for a productive shopping trip.  Happy to be less stiff today.
  6. Weds 3/23: Grateful for a good session with personal trainer to learn more stretches and exercises.  Beautiful sunny day.  Good meals, progress at work today,  helpful conversation with coworker.
  7. Thurs 3/24: I am grateful for another beautiful sunny spring day!  And thankful for making progress at work, eating good meals, and having a good pilates class.
  8. Fri 3/25: I am grateful for the opportunity to eat lunch outside in the sunshine, for making progress at work, helpful conversations with co-workers, a dark chocolate treat, and a peaceful mood.  I can choose to be peaceful or I can choose to be upset.  I am not as stiff from yesterday’s class as I had projected.  Looking forward to the next workout class.