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Gratitudes April 23-29 2016

  1. Sat April 23: Lovely sunny day after yesterday’s rain, progress at work, helpful health info in book and on internet, ate well, thankful for info received and recovering my enthusiasm.
  2. Sun Apr 24: Pleasant walk to post office, productive time in career exploration, pleasant conversation with friends and family, was able to give some advice to friend in need, good meals.
  3. Mon Apr 25: Helpful conversations with co-workers, and exciting to be able to share some helpful info with a friend in chemo, and learning not to automatically worry/catastrophize but to stay on the sunny side of the street mentally.
  4. Tues Apr 26: 2 good walks (to work and back), progress at work, good meals, helpful conversations with coworkers, opportunity to help a friend, was able to get in some exercise and stretching.
  5. Weds Apr 27: 2 good walks to work and home, work progress, opportunity to help one of my students, a baking project completed at home, good meals, interesting info on internet, good music.
  6. Thurs Apr 28: Good walks to and from work, progress at work, opportunity to be of service by sharing needed info with coworker and friend, good meals, opportunity to stretch.
  7. Fri Apr 29: Grateful for info from Rebecca, happy to give ride to Jason and Travis, progress at work, enjoyed working with Tim and Thomas, good meals, landlord fixed light switch, made appointment, opportunity to get to bed early.

1. God
2. Thea – she was my friend in third grade
3. She could draw pictures of people with such exactitude. It just seemed to come out of her. I could appreciate the finished product but didn’t observe the process or the patience or the practice that went into what she did.
4. We wrote stories together. Or maybe it was side by side.
5. We made each other laugh.
6. And school was a safe place for me because of her.
7. And I couldn’t understand or appreciate that, nor communicate it to her.
8. Boys would tease me that she was my girlfriend but no, I couldn’t have that, boys weren’t supposed to play with girls or like to do “girly” things. If anything though, she was kind of a “tomboy,” liked to hang around with boys, I think she played soccer and was probably quite skilled, and stronger and faster and smarter than me, though I never could have admitted it.
9. We remained close through fourth grade then drifted apart. Eventually she moved with her family to Alabama, and I saw her maybe a couple of times after that, when she came back to school to visit, and in college years when I was invited to a party with several friends from school and acted perfectly disgracefully but didn’t actually collapse.
10. Today Thea has a fine husband and a daughter approaching adulthood and still draws and makes designs using the gifts that were in evidence when we were young. Occasionally we see each other on Facebook and wave.
11. Memories of friends throughout life reinforce my appreciation and gratitude. What can I do today to project that rather than regret?

Safety net

Friends that listen

Friends that offer to listen

Friends that would listen

Someone who explains something when I’m confused

Conflict resolution

Pillow talk as I pour out my heart and hubby listens patiently

Balance and momentum

The secure feeling of knowing I have a safety  net as I walk a tightrope and it is  my friends holding that net.


There are times in our lives when we are up against the wall and the firing squad is taking aim.

Fell asleep with a prayer on my lips. Father, I place these situations in Your hands.(God)

Have a plan. Have a plan B. Brain)

Ask for help. Call a friend. Thank goodness for friends!

One thing at a time. One day at a time, One bullet at a time. (Logic)

Be sharp. Thank you Lord for all my senses.

Breathe.Relax. Laugh.Keep busy!

Be patient. Grateful for the wisdom to know when to react.

Remember that what may happen hasn’t happened.

Be grateful for opportunities to grow! The caterpillar must find his own way out of the cocoon in order to emerge as a butterfly!

1. God
2. Discoveries
3. Meeting people
4. Cherry blossoms
5. Musical children
6. Young people asking questions which lead to more questions
7.The new and the familiar

“We must risk delight.” – Jack Gilbert, “A Brief for the Defense”

Happy Admin Assistant Day!

Thankful for my job.

If you have support staff who help you every day, take a minute to tell them how grateful you are for all the hard work they do. OR thank them and buy them flowers :)   If your work day is done and you forgot to express your gratitude, tomorrow is not too late. They will appreciate being appreciated :)