Monthly Archives: June 2016


Today I am grateful that yesterday is over and that it is today

Today I will not worry about the future or regret the past

Today I am in the moment.

So grateful my daughter had a wonderful trip and that she is back safely.

The coolness of the room from the air conditioning. It’s hypnotic hum.

The wonder that I am alive and functioning

Our wonderful bodies that do all that they do without a thought from us

Especially my feet as Carol says How do we not fall over?

I’m grateful for today. The blank slate. The new beginning. The improved frame of mind. The I’m Tigger not Eeyore sort of day!

Today is mine .I can choose what to do. I choose to be grateful!

Gratitudes June 19-25, 2016

  1. Sun June 19: Well rested, good meals, on time to meeting, found bargains at thrift store,
  2. Mon June 20: Early to work project, much help from boss and co-workers, productive day, helpful info online, bed early
  3. Tues June 21, Early to work, much help from co-workers, productive day, kindness of landlord, did my best to forgive myself for my mistakes.
  4. Weds June 22, Early to work, help from co-workers, productive day, good meals, bed early.
  5. Thurs June 23, friendly help from co-workers, well rested, good meals, productive errands, progress at work, opportunity to stretch and exercise.
  6. Fri June 24: friendly help from co-workers, pleasant conversation, inspiration to sing, good p.t. appt., productive shopping trip, good meals, bed early.
  7. Sat June 25: Relaxing day at home; ran productive errands, good meals, some progress at work, inspiring music, life is good.

  1.  Unexpected messages that bring a smile
  2.  Self-control
  3.  Good advice delivered with love
  4.  Greens ready to go
  5.  Functional olfactory system, so many nice scents
  6.  Imagining Carol’s jungle of flowers
  7.  Database access
  8.  Fun of creating a themed playlist
  9.  Fresh haircut
  10.  Apron serving as a covert adult-bib and saving my top

Grateful for Summer Fun!

So many baseball games this Summer!
Grandsons, Nate and Andrew, are both on teams.
Hanging around with parents and grandparents.
Lots of camaraderie.

And still gardening — love it!

Shasta daisies, balloon flowers, morning glories,
begonias, petunias, Gerbera daisies, geraniums,
exotic mandevilla, marigolds, impatiens,and black-eyed
susan vines!

So grateful for all the flowers in our yard.

Hooray for Summer!

  1.  Patience
  2.  Sunny outlooks
  3.  Meditative aspects of putting together a jigsaw puzzle
  4.  Taking responsibility for my own experience
  5.  Sewing
  6.  Small encouragements from multiple people and places
  7.  Staying the course
  8.  Learning about razzle-dazzle ships
  9.  Improvising when you’re stuck
  10.  “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”   ~Thich Nhat Hahn


My grand daughter’s 20th birthday. She is a wonderful person. Warm , funny,caring. I love her and she loves me.

Seeing pic’s of her as she grew up.

Her step Dad’s message of love brought a tear to my eye.

The picture of her and her Mom inspired me to inwardly sing.

Looking forward to talking to her.

Jamie and Becca. Today is their anniversary.My heart bursts with love for them. I wish much for better in the future.

Getting to sing at Stow Glen. Like a silenced song bird I love to express my joy. Residents will love it.

Hubby is my bridge over troubled waters. It is nice to have an ally.

Crazymakers. Love destroys their power.

Loving myself enough to change.



  1.  Amusing adventures of my niece and nephew
  2.  Learning new techniques
  3.  Surviving an ill-advised walk in blistering heat
  4.  Fresh figs as a reward
  5.  Showering whenever I want, what a luxury
  6.  Courage

Keep looking

My found camera lost since Mother’s Day weekend

Found when I was looking for something for a headache.(I guess I’m grateful for the headache)

Now I can look for replacement items because I ordered a tablet and a small camera

I will go for walks and look for things I can capture on film to fill my soul

Searching for a grateful perspective on a disappointing situation

Found the list of things people are bringing to the picnic Sunday

Hubby found his new Dr and liked him

Today I will look up to the heavens and give myself over to the search for serenity and amazing things in my life