Monthly Archives: August 2016

A story about insecurity

Grateful my lesson for the Women’s Retreat is taking shape

Insecurity- Not my problem Piece of cake!

Thankful I am OK with my appearance

In my relationship

Confident with the approval of others

Boom! Crash! I misplaced a check. I don’t have it. Treasurer doesn’t have it. Help!

Insecurity storm!*#!  Instantly I am unworthy and afraid. But in the study I have learned coping tools. Grateful for them as my heart races and my mind hurls insults at me.

I pray. I read a devotional that reminds me to reach out to friend.

Friend reassures me.

Peace and patience with myself.

What me worry?  You bet I do but I can overcome it.


  1.  Yes! to “checking things off”
  2.  Sweet hugs
  3.  Tried and true dinners
  4.  Sweating it out- together
  5.  Accepting an opportunity outside my comfort zone
  6.  Getting into a rhythm
  7.  Bananagrams
  8.  Ride-sharing
  9.  Courteous neighbors
  10.  Libraries. Always libraries.

In balance


Checking things off

Finding the error (not mine!)

The last bill of August in the mail

Hubby’s good blood sugars

Cold water on a hot day


Remembering to order my medicine

Kind receptionist and bank teller

Making mistakes-learning from them and success


1. God
2. Alan’s beans and cukes – so fresh!
3. The little antique chest
4. Salve for things that burn
5. Did I mention the tomato bush with little orange and yellow tomatoes
6. All sorts
7. The hotel of the mind
8. Reemerging
9. More than half measures
10. Neither all or nothing
“One of the odd things about middle age, he concluded, was the strange decisions a man discovers he’s made by not really making them, like allowing friends to drift away through simple neglect.” Richard Russo, Empire Falls

Good choices

Choosing Subway salad instead of tailgate food

Finding the camera though we took few pictures

The atmosphere of a ball park

Seeing lots of friends

Watching the storm clouds build. Awesome but powerful!

Cell phone of friend shows severe thunderstorm in the area

Deciding to leave

Choosing  to spend my Canal bucks on popcorn

Getting only a little wet

Finding each other when Hubby didn’t know where I parked

Watching God’s fireworks all the way home


Gratitudes Aug 21-27, 2016

  1. Sun Aug 21, friendly conversation, progress at work, shared you tube video of NDE, bed early.
  2. Mon Aug 22, cheerful help from boss and co-workers, progress at work, good meals, good shopping trip, bed early.
  3. Tues Aug 23, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, learned flexibility in my plans, bed early.
  4. Weds Aug 24, much progress at work, helpful advice from boss and co-workers, good meals, bed early
  5. Thur Aug 25, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, nap, good conversation with friend, good meals, bed early.
  6. Fri Aug 26,successful presentation at work, encouragement from boss and co-workers, good meals.
  7. Sat Aug 27, well rested, good meals, progress at work, productive shopping trip, bed early.

1. God
2. Dialectics
3. Mentors and other networks separate and no real separation
4. The speaker offering her heart and experience and future to young people
5. Unknown bird
6. Downy woodpecker straddling a sunflower stalk
7. Confession
8. Lessening of discomfort
9. Reading a great book, choked by emotion, not wanting it to end
“The problem with the contemplative life was that there was no end to contemplation, no fixed time after which thought had to be transformed into action. Contemplation was like sitting on a committee that seldom made recommendations and was ignored when it did, a committee that lacked even the authority to disband.” Richard Russo, Empire Falls

  • Researching directions and finding my way to a new building…easier route than I thought…a relief
  • AJ/Tami vacationing in Yellowstone Park and Jackson Hole, WY…
  • …they were moved from their camping area in Yellowstone because of a wildfire…
  • …upside is that they were able to experience a beautiful sunrise over the lake
  • We had some smoke/haze from surrounding wildfires
  • Met a couple from Canada who were on a motorcycling vacation
  • Part of Beartooth Pass closed because of heavy snow
  • Gal at the grocery store who lost 130 lbs. in a year….said she has more to go…she looked good! Hooray for her, what an awesome accomplishment!
  • Saw this on facebook and made me smile: “Stop trying to make everybody happy.  You’re not chocolate.”  :)


So grateful Hubby is adhering  to his new lifestyle

Amazing age we live in with medical advances

Visiting the pool for an hour yesterday. I was SO tired last night. Grateful for an early bedtime.

Weigh in showed we’d both lost weight. He had lost 15 lbs.

Steph’s two phone calls yesterday. One to my Hubby to say Jerry had passed on then one to me to chat. My grand daughter is so sweet.

Grateful to Gavin who was a rock solid force when they needed him as Jerry left them in death.

Hopeful that he will stay safe and secure

A mini Ursula Funko Pop Given in love I will cherish it!