Monthly Archives: September 2016

My gratitude is under my control

Life is hard to control but my response is under my control

Grateful for knowing when  to phone a friend

And having that friend remind you, you are OK

I choose to  contented

I refuse to be angry

I believe in hope

Finding a situation wasn’t as dire as you thought

Going with the flow

Resting up. Stress is depleting!

This is my life, this is my choice ,this is my gratitude

Enjoy the last day of September. We are buying lottery tickets to celebrate.

Inhaling Memories

Very Grateful for:

God’s provision of Reunion through memories

our sense of smell

the memories triggered by our sense of smell

finding a light jacket that was my mother’s

even over two years later the scent of Mom’s perfume remains

the memories that float in from the perfume- good memories

pictures in my head of Mom’s feisty sense of style: Georgia O’Keeffe meets sunset rainbow sherbet

grateful for the gift of the idea of wearing this coat and hugging my Dad today so he remembers too

grateful that maybe Mom looks, recognizes her coat and sees me from heaven

“Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.”  ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Looking forward

Looking forward to this evening

Kid will be at Meg’s. I need a break.

Mindless TV

Watching some shows I’ve saved

Envisioning singing and laughing as an outlet

Letting a hard situation play itself  out. Keeping my dignity.

Out to breakfast even if it’s just me and the kid.

Hating that a hostage situation was just in the next block. Grateful to those who came and sat on my porch  to distract me. How can anyone hate the men in blue?

Last weekend I was calm and relaxed. Now I  am anxious. I believe in yesterday.


Dark day-bright spot

The afterglow has  faded and life continues to hurl challenges at me this week . Dig deep !

Though my work is changing my grand daughter is visiting

Expensive medicines but hubby is doing well

Faith that things are unfolding just as they should

The love of daughters who really care

Turning something over at Church. I don’t want to do it and I will  advise. Courage and confidence.

Count my blessing. Count my pennies. Count my friends.

Seeing depression waiting for me but walking by.

The absolute delight that my day after work will be with one of my favorite people in the world.

Hubby is making pot roast and mashed potatoes  for dinner tonight

I choose the light!


I came home from the retreat so calm. I had found my glow!

Thanks you for the beautiful women.

The house was filled with laughter.

The studies were well received. Themes of soul searching,sisterhood and  reliance on God.

Emotions surfaced. Tears and hugs. Caring and sharing.

The lake enticed me to view the sunrise twice. Quiet times,

Fantastic food. Fun and games.

Then yesterday life  reminded me I was home.Back to work.  Calls from my sister, Problems with work scheduling. The cat threw up. The dog pooped. Meatloaf for supper. No good food. Yes I was grateful to be home but line up problems and stop stealing my glow.

I ran away . Roamed the aisles of Market District trying to reclaim my serenity. Where is glow?

When I felt it was safe to return home, I checked out.Told the checkout boy I lost my glow. He pointed out the sunset and said hurry you can still catch the afterglow.

Took a picture. It will remind me that while we can’t stay in the glow the afterglow lasts a long time!


Be it ever so slovenly -there’s no place like home.

I move things off the couch so I can stretch my weary legs out on my couch with my shoes off AHH!

Pile up the dishes to reach the spigot. Cuyahoga Falls water is better than Chautauqua,

Making a pile of dirty laundry from the retreat. A sign of a weekend well lived.

Very hot Friday. Very cold Saturday. I wore almost everything even my winter hat.

Hello laptop.  OK where’s my mouse? Located it under the bed. I start to answer emails.

Smile to see pictures of the retreat on Facebook already.

I saw the most incredible sunrise. Fifteenth year best sunrise. When I find my camera ,I’ll post a picture too!

Full nights sleep. Though the pets who missed me decided to snuggle.

Back to reality . No question I was missed. Grateful to have gone. Grateful to be home.

Gratitudes, Sep 18-24, 2016

  1. Sun Sept 18, well rested, pleasant meeting, beautiful sunny day, good meals, haircut, conversation with family, cooking projects prepared for tomorrow.
  2. Mon Sep 19, well rested, inspiring music and talks on internet, progress at work, success with cooking projects, bed early.
  3. Tue Sep 20, well rested, inspiring music on internet, progress at work, good meals, conversation with friend, noticed discrepancies between my belief system and habitual attitudes and the actual realities.
  4. Wed Sep 21, on time to work, inspiring music, cheerful help from co-worker, progress at work, good meals, stretching, and baking project preparation.
  5. Thur Sep 22, on time to work, inspiring music, cheerful help from student, progress at work, good meals, stretching.
  6. Fri Sep 23, on time to work, help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals, productive shopping trip.
  7. Sat Sep 24, on time for appt, convesation with friends, beautiful day to be outside, progress at work, nap, helpful info from internet.

  • Nice rain
  • Refreshing walk, cool before it rained
  • 4.0 earthquake south of Helena
  • Family milestone birthday celebration at the Silver Star…
  • …animated conversations, interesting and fun :)
  • Crème brulee…..s w e e e e e t !:)
  • Winter travel advisories on mountain passes
  • Preparing for GPa’s neurosurgeon checkup in Great Falls next week
  • Signs on highways to watch for Bighorn Sheep
  • Two beautiful deer ran across the road while we were traveling here in town


I got up to find my screen was sideways on my laptop. Grateful for solutions. I turned it on its side.

Then figured out how to make it right.

If something preposterous happens first thing the day has gotten it out of the way. (I Hope)

Coffee only made a small amount. Grateful I got part of it.

My materials and belongings leave tonight. Grateful to Cheryl for taking my stuff.

As I pack my clothes I am so grateful for the variety and abundance of my clothes.

An email asking if we coming to the retreat this year. I will be grateful to find out they are expecting us.

Grateful  to go out to eat. Grateful for pie!

Signing off- see you next week. Be absurdly grateful!