Monthly Archives: October 2016

  • Happy Halloween :)
  • Looking forward to seeing all the kiddies and their awesome costumes…
  • …Halloween bowl of goodies all ready for them :)
  • My Pumpkin earrings
  • All night rain
  • Refreshing walk after the rain this morning
  • Helping neighbor Harry with his tv billing…they overcharged him
  • Finished a project weighing on my mind….Hooray!
  • More pine needles to rake
  • Cathy back from CA

Little things

Warm socks when my feet are cold.

A woman giving the patch $20 when she didn’t want a pumpkin.

The end of the pumpkin fund raiser. Profitable and a good outreach.

A yard full of pumpkins are left. Free to a good home! (Stow corner of 59 &91)

Supper of toasted cheese and tomato soup when I am tired.

Going to lunch this week with a friend

Expressed friendship.

Shared grief.

Laughing out loud.

A little bit of candy.

A funny comedian at E.J.Thomas. Felt so good to laugh!


Gratitudes Oct 16-22, 2016

  1. Sun Oct 16, more blessed rain to put out the Little Valley and Redfield fires, good meals, progress at work, conversations with friends, inspiration from internet, bed early.
  2. Mon Oct 17, progress at work, good meals, help from co-workers, productive shopping trip, music from internet, bed early.
  3. Tue Oct 18, pleasant walks to and from work on a sunny fall day, progress at work, good meals, preparation for baking projects, helpful advice from co-workers, stretching.
  4. Weds Oct 19, progress at work, good walks to and from work on sunny day, good meals, finished preparing a baking project for the morning.
  5. Thur Oct 20, internet ceased at home until 10/28.  Helpful in better understanding my habits and drivers.

1. God
2. Peabody (and his resting place, near where he can chase the bunnies)
3. Gold not staying
4. The trombone’s elephantine sounds
5. The moving trees
6. Card from Cheryl
7. Memories of Chicago
8. Rolling varieties of apples
“To really value life is to know: the best moments are often the ones we might miss altogether if we weren’t paying attention.” Katrina Kenison, Moments of Seeing

All is not politics

Thanks to those who take time to say “I liked your post.”

Someone who recommends a book that I loved.

I threatened to withdraw from social media till after the election. Not grateful for the tone of some posts.

Which by the way ,I will be glad when it is over.

Hubby sent me a very funny political ad.

But internet serves its purpose. Well wishes and “chin up”, smiling faces and new profile pictures.

A funny story that makes you smile,

We are less alone because we can connect.

Finding out it is “Thank a musician day” Wow! Thank you talented people!

The music of our lives provided by passionate people.

Handle your Internet with care!

  • Beautiful autumn day with the fog looking like cotton blanketing the lake
  • Approached by Jan this morning while shopping…hadn’t seen her in years…nice!
  • Crystal’s “third story” beautifully written CSW message
  • Grateful for good resulting from challenges ….which seem to come in bunches:)
  • Getting through a flooded laundry room floor from a broken water hose…gotta have the cleanest floor ever :)
  • GPa’s new challenge of oxygen therapy working well and not needing it often
  • My sister recovering nicely after her hospital adventure as a result of a flu shot
  • Sue and Al leaving for their annual trip to winter in AZ
  • Cathy’s L.A. conference
  • Have you ever had this happen? Not looking for greeting cards but walking past a greeting card display and one of the cards looked at me and seemed to say “I’m perfect for that person…you must take me home!”  And it is the perfect card!  Hooray:)


This is dedicated to the the people in my life who said “you could do that”.

My Aunt Lib who allowed me climb trees, get dirty and dream big.

The teachers who encouraged me to go to college.

The friends who approved when I went again.

Those who will  understand when I go again.

Positive  comments on things I wrote.

Carol who insisted I laugh, hug and express myself.

Crystal guided me  through Artist Way.  I know there is a fire within me because she saw the glowing ember.

The sisters I made in Artist’s Way.

Laughing Club. Its effect on my life.

Dr I. He did not heal me but he coaxed me and cajoled me until I came to life.

Church friends who  challenge me to be more  and I am  amazed when I do it.

I have the capacity to do anything! I will soar!



The people in my life who gave me a solid foundation.

Yesterday my mother would have been 101. Of course she has  been gone for decades but the things she taught me are  part of me.

Patience, kindness, determination, prayer, a sense of humor and acceptance.

She understood the power of working hard and the necessity of a nap.

At a gathering with my sisters recently they fell into a litany of what my parents hadn’t done. I silently  was grateful for what they had.

I lived in four houses . All of them were beautiful.

Food on the table. A room of my own. A Catholic school education. Friends and family.

Birthday memories and Christmases past.

Incredible aunts. Fascinating and intelligent people.

I would love to play a game of Scrabble with my godmother.

If I could back I wouldn’t change anything I would just see everyone!


Fall into Fall

A sunny day after many rainy days is a delight.

Good Church service. Uplifting messages. Peaceful music.

People are embracing Fall with bonfires, hayrides, horseback riding and walks in the foliage.

Our Church lawn still has many pumpkins. The pumpkins are all so unique.

The people who work the Patch are also unique so grateful for their dedication.

Trunk or Treat was a success. Clever ideas for trunks and many activities.

My sister says yards aren’t decorated for Halloween down South. Here at many houses purple and orange light the night while spookies toss and turn.

I took it easy this weekend. Sweet bliss to relax and read.

Blueberry English muffins. So comforting that I finally froze them.

A book that haunts you. I keep bringing up snippets of wisdom from it.



So glad that hubby had burgers made for me when I go home from choir at 9.

The beautiful music of the cantata.

I’m overwhelmed by the anthem we are singing in two weeks. The words and music are awesome.

Another cloudy day. Another day of rest for hubby.

Grateful he slept well last night.

Grateful Sarah was not more seriously injured in her fall.

Bank error in my favor. Don’t believe it but I’ll take it.

Hope the sun will come out tomorrow. I will go look at leaves!

Have a nice weekend!