Monthly Archives: December 2016

Happy New Year

Very Grateful for:

God’s newness every morning

An extra second in 2016

A new, beautiful Chenille throw from Linda

Pinon wood in the fireplace

black-eyed peas (I remembered this year!)

the Christmas cactus bloomed today!

Ronnie’s wife, who is recuperating after triple bypass surgery

Addie’s graciousness


Solitude is the path to visit yourself ~Mehmet Murat ildan

{Happy New Year!}

Visits and Visitors

Very Grateful for:

God’s foresight for our need for companions

Someone to pray with me and hold my hand

Someone to pray for me and hold my hand

Someone to laugh at my silly observations

Someone to together watch eagerly for the topping of the DOW at 20K … and.. to sigh when the DOW misses the mark

A partner to co-write resolutions for the New Year and commiserate at the unrealized ones of the past

Someone who squeals with delight at the sound and sight of bacon and pancakes on the griddle

Someone to put gas in the car, wood on the fireplace, and hold the door for me as I push Dad’s wheelchair

Someone who shares her views on the world and listens to mine with judgement

Someone to proofread my dissertation for erros   …   :)

When Amelia comes home for the holidays

“If you come at four in the afternoon, I’ll begin to be happy by three.”
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Look all directions before proceeding

I look out and see it snowed. All the ugliness is painted white.

This is a time of the year I look back at all the events of the year.

I give thanks that I got to experience some.

I’m grateful some are over.

Times I despaired seem to have perspective.

Anxious times I realize a pattern.

Times of great joy are like a photo gallery in my brain.

As I look forward I make a conscious effort to travel light and only take a few good thoughts with me into the New Year.

I look up and Thank God for I have.I have so much may I never look down on anyone, I look over and see the slumbering hubby and I’m glad for our simple life. I look at the clock and realize it is time to say “Happy New Year”!

Christmas joys

Grateful for a few days off to finish up details and recover.

A long distance phone call from a long  distanced son. Glad they are doing well.

Christmas Eve at my daughters. Good food,good company, good fun! Great game!

Conversation to catch up with local son. What, you moved!

Skype calls with grand daughter and Nevada family.

Lovely Church service. Everyone was so cheery.

Grateful for the sense of” I did it ” that comes at the end of Christmas.

Presents chosen by my grandson. I love, love, love them!

So this is Christmas I hope you had fun.The near and the dear ones. The old and the young. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Lets hope its a good one without any fear.

Peace and love!


Gratitudes Dec 19-25, 2016

  1. Sun Dec 18,  pleasant meeting, progress at work, productive shopping trip, conversation with family, finished application for hearing aid grant, good meals.
  2. Mon Dec 19, on time for aid appt., good meals, progress in getting funding for aid, progress at work, helpful information via phone, gift from boss, good meals, pleasant walks to and from work.
  3. Tue Dec 20, progress at work, conversations with family and friends, well rested, bed early, good meals.
  4. Wed Dec 21, progress at work, well rested, good meals, bed early.
  5. Thur, Dec 22, smooth flight to attend Xmas retreat 12/22 – 12/25
  6. Fri Dec 23, inspiring church service to start the retreat
  7. Sat Dec 24, my first ever cornbread turned out well for the Sunday potluck.

His mysterious ways

Thank God for a day off. I  am depleted.

When you empty yourself out, you must fill back up.

A day off will let me catch up.  And allow myself to do something for me.

A small package from Lucy with a cheery polar bear come to remind me to hang in there.

An email with her reminds me that my emotions have power over me only if I let them.

Hubby put up the Nativity because he realized I was bothered by no decorations.

Reacting from a place of peace instead of desperation.

A reminder to figure out what’s really behind what I’m feeling.

A gift to myself to skip the choir party ,recognizing when I am spent.

Watching a Christmas episode and seeing yourself and laughing.

Silent night, holy night! All is calm! All is Bright! Be at peace!

  • Crystal, God’s Blessing, and her wonderful CSW messages
  • Oh yes, and the weather :)…minus 40 several days ago and 40 above now :)
  • A thank you and wave to the snowplow/sanding man
  • The Salvation Army lady who was singing while at her contribution bucket.
  • Our Wis. friends who decided to stay at their winter home after 12 years of wintering in Florida…said it’s been a challenge
  • Loving the footprints of our 9mo. ggranddaughter that say “Mistletoes” :)
  • More Christmas wrapping…and…finishing up decorating
  • Grateful to view all of your WLG preparations for Christmas!

All pull together now

Eternally grateful to those who stepped forward to deliver the last homebound bags.

Christmas cards.

Christmas presents.

Christmas bonuses.

Turning some bonus into pizza tonight as my crew assists 40 families picking up food and gifts.

Grateful to those who organized the giving. Manpower and phone calls.

Laurie made stockings and filled them for every child.

Grateful to those who donated food or adopted a family.

We will be busy elves loading everything into cars.

Hugs, smiles and thank yous.

For it is in giving we receive.

Sitting singing of the reason for the season with a women from Stow Glen. One was so excited to be singing “Joy to the World” . One kept asking for “White Christmas”

“May your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white.”