Monthly Archives: February 2017

To do list

Squeezed in among my list of chores I need to be grateful for the amazing things happening in my  life.

I wished for a pair of polar bear leggings. I sent word out to friends in states afar and found them seven blocks from home.

Drain man was pleasant,patient and reasonable.

Those who blush at this do not appreciate the flush.

The joy of a hot shower.

Hubby is under the weather. I never appreciate all he does until he doesn’t.

Moving forward with  Easter Outreach.Looking forward to working with Bulldog Bags.

So grateful Ann summed up the info and sent it out.

Sunshine, daffodil stalks and the hint of a tulip.

Love doubles our joy and divides our grief. Sadness and challenges are best carried by many.

Make time for gratitude!


  • Harry is our 88 yr. old neighbor, kind, nice, tall Norwegian…
  • …keeps his lawn and yard so neat
  • An avid Vikings NFL fan and the only person who was allowed by GPa (an avid GBPackers fan) to come into our home wearing his Vikings jacket LOL :)
  • Would come here and ask what day it was about 4 times a day and would I write it down for him
  • Helped Harry with his bill paying, bookkeeping, grocery shopping
  • Realized he has progressive dementia
  • His family came to help and the VA also helped
  • Remembering with a smile the huge hug we exchanged when he was last home, when he recognized me…mornings are a good time for him :)
  • He is in a very nice nursing home now….we will be visiting him (mornings:)
  • Thankful for our abundant Blessings of good people in our lives.

Plunge in and find some gratitude

Toilet is plugged up luckily we have two bathrooms.

Backed up into the tub. Yuck! Thanks goodness for rubber gloves.

Hubby is doing his best bless him . He has my cold!

The plunger is a simple tool. Let is work!

Plumbers are not in our budget but we know a good one.

Clorox cleanup and draino. No I won’t mix them!

Grateful for plumbing that works. We will get it working.


Gratitudes, Feb 19-25, 2017

  1. Sun Feb 19, good meeting, conversation with others, sunny day, good meals, conversation with family, good walks, progress at work.
  2. Mon Feb 20, well rested, progress on taxes, good music, good meals.
  3. Tues Feb 21, well rested, early to dr. appt., conversation with friend, progress at work, good walks.
  4. Wed Feb 22, helpful session at library, good meals, warm home.
  5. Thu Feb 23, hearing aids ordered, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals, bed early.
  6. Fri Feb 24, early to seminar, progress at work, good walks, good meals.
  7. Sat Feb 25, good walks, progress at work, good conversation with friend, good haircut, productive shopping trip, stretching.

New Day

The sunrise is making shadows on the wall in front of me..

My calendar is shadows from hands spelling love.

The air feels Spring like today!

Daffodils are pushing through.

My new leggings are great. Top needs exchanged. Be strong.

Finding  out they make polar bear leggings. This unicorn becomes a mission.

Taking on a new place to help.The Survival Center needs lunches and dinners.

Starting with one of each.

The little Church that cares.

D & D have answered prayers. So happy for them.


If you have a headache, you are grateful for acetaminophen

If you have a cold you ,are grateful for tissues.

If you have a cough, cough medicine helps you sleep.

If you are tired, the bed feels awesome.

If you have responsibilities, you are grateful to get them achieved.

If their is a funeral at Church, hubby is cooking the dinner.

When asked for more,grateful to be able to say not  this time!

Grateful,grateful,grateful for hubby who just wants me well.




Live, love, laugh

The sun is rising earlier and then going down later.

I went for a walk last night. People are out. Kids riding bikes.

Can see little signs of Spring. People in shorts. A bird singing. A dandelion.

Bought a new outfit from Lularoe. Spring design.

Dyed a pair of tennis shoes bright blue.

Over the counter meds to ward off a cold.

Watching the rains in California. Glad their drought is over but it was over the top.

Checked with Jack who lives in Oxnard. They cancelled plans to travel but were stuck in traffic from a trip cross town. They had to cut it close to get home because gas tank was empty.

Hymn sing next Sunday. Shout to the Lord! All the Earth let us sing!

Talent show will be at Church March 5th. Guess who the lead act is? Reminding them to laugh.

Live,love, laugh. Look around!

Gratitudes Feb 12-18, 2017

  1. Sun Feb 12, good meeting, good meals, productive shopping trips, sunny walk, conversations with friends.
  2. Mon Feb 13, good walks, early to work, conversations with helpful employees, boss, and co-worker, helpful info at Career Center, good meals, progress at work.
  3. Tue Feb 14, early to work, progress at work, good walks, lovely sunny day, good meals.
  4. Wed Feb 15, early to class, progress at work, good meals, memorial service, good walks, bed early.
  5. Thu Feb 16, well rested, sunny day, good walks, conversations with co-workers, progress at work, helpful info from internet.
  6. Fri Feb 17, early to work, interesting seminar, progress at work, good walks, good meals, good news from doctor.
  7. Sat Feb 18, well rested, sunny day, good walks, progress at work, productive shopping trip, opportunity for cooking projects this weekend.


Made it through another week Lord!

Thanks that the asthma medicine finally worked when my daughter was wheezing!

Thanks I didn’t get hurt when I tripped and fell.

Thanks for the clothes I impulsively ordered when I couldn’t sleep.

Thanks for the unexpected funds that paid for them.

Thanks that my neighbor wasn’t hurt when her car was totaled.

Thanks for people stepping forward to do a little extra.

Chuckling how Facebook decided it was Rose’s birthday when her birthday is in June.

I had great plans for the week but accomplished none of them. Thankful for what I did perhaps it was more important.

Friday night and we just went out to eat.Life is good!



Grateful for …

My Valentine’s Day. We ate kielbasi. No flowers,gifts or card but he accompanied me on my  errands.

I bought him cashews. He bought me peanut butter cups.

Monday night he recognized when I was stressed and suggested dinner out. I had to pay for it but it  was chummy and yummy!

Listening. What a gift!

Laughing at a meeting!

A valentine in the mail.

Allowing a space of time to call someone on the telephone.

In the intensity of doing two reports for Church finding a glaring error from last year’s report. I’m still laughing!

Feeling invisible but being insistent.

Working on a diorama of polar bears on my dresser. A little creativity settles my soul.