Gratitudes Feb 5-11, 2017

  1. Sun Feb 5, good meeting, sunny day, good meals, progress at work, bed early.
  2. Mon Feb 6, well rested, early to appt, cheerful help from co-worker, conversation with co-workers, good walks, good meals.
  3. Tue Feb 7, progress at work, good walks, good meals.
  4. Wed Feb 8, progress at library, good meeting, good walks, helpful meeting with career counselor, good meals.
  5. Thu Feb 9, well rested, good meals, progress at job expo, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, bed early.
  6. Fri Feb 10, well rested, helpful appt for hearing aids, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, good meals.
  7. Sat Feb 11, well rested, good dental appt., helpful retail workers during shopping trip, read a little while waiting in line, sunny day, walks to and from work, progress at work, good meals.

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