Monthly Archives: March 2017

Grateful Friday

Leaving the past in the past. Moving forward. Did my best.

Picking up the pieces.

A friend who listens. And by her questions I know she is listening.

Refusing to be drawn into drama.

The wonderful music the choir is practicing for Easter.

March came in like a lion and is leaving like a leopard. Looks better but still fierce.

I welcome April’s promise.

Today.Tomorrow. Growth and healing.

1.  Time. Now. Here.

2.  Winning the lottery of life. Privilege unfathomable to most.

3.  Crafting a shared dream, enjoying the process

4.  So many avenues of inspiration

5.  Safety

6.  Choices. Having choices.

7.  Mini epiphanies that help shape decisions

8.  Friends, all kinds

9.  Astoundingly efficient public transportation- clean and updated

10.  Street artists- musical, colorful, conspicuous or clandestine


Act One, Scene One

Grateful to go away for a while but grateful to come home.

I am not a shopper but it is fun to wander aimlessly, savoring the many things I see.

Anticipating wearing what I bought. oh la la!

Dosing off while watching TV. It takes me so long to fall asleep at night but afternoon naps I drift into.

Making copies of coloring pages to color during Easter vigil service.

I picture myself happy and relieved that the meeting I dread is done.

Simple foods for upset stomachs.

I go away to the land inside the book I’m reading.

Grateful that there are solutions to all my problems.

A wander in the woods.


1. God
2. Soil renewing
3. Full and fuller compost
4. Fine new tools from David
5. Everything beautiful in its time
6. By degrees, eventually
7. The fence
8. Grateful for what we have and for what may come

“I once had a garden. I can remember the smell of the turned earth, the plump shapes of bulbs held in the hands, fulness, the dry rustle of seeds through the fingers.” Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

Lifting the burden from my shoulders

Hubby reconnecting the Internet when a naughty cat unplugged it in the night.

Advising those struggling helps me with mine.

Chatting with a neighbor and feeling blessed.

Relief from shoulder pain.

Watching cartoons when the grown up world is too much.

Hubby does the dishes. If marriage is supposed to be 50-50, he’s carrying at least 70%.

The amazing amount of info on the Internet. Finding those things that ring true.

Making a connection.

A new idea colorful and creative.

Waking from a vivid nightmare and having someone to share it with.



MARCH 27, 2017

  1.  I got to work early and get out early from work, even though I am not used to it anymore.
  2. The beautiful sunny afternoon.
  3. Getting to watch my favorite t.v. program.
  4. My dog, Jax, and cat,  Skeeter.
  5. Good food.
  6. God.
  7. Sobriety.
  8. Not smoking.
  9. A roof over my head.
  10. Money to pay my bills.
  11. Positive thinking.
  12. Family and friends.


I realize the danger of stress and choose diversion and joy. Breathe.

Thinking about the many things you can do to help you relax. Breathe.

Carol suggests her blog. Celebrate possibilities. Touching base helps me center and breathe.

The power of gratitude and attitude. Breathe.

Filling my toolbox with fun.Smile.Laugh. Whisper. Breathe.

Taking my energy and using it to accomplish things. Be careful not to to overdo.Breathe.

Coloring. Cleaning. Music. Reading. Breathe.

Thanks to patient people who explain things until I understand it.Breathe.

Thanks to the week. I know it will be stressful but I will surmount the  obstacles. Breathe.