• Grateful for my loving family
  • A day with Cathy…she makes me feel alive!
  • Made in Montana Show…about 200 booths…interesting crafts from so many imaginations…
  • We waited in line for 45 min., outside the building (thank goodness it was about 35 degrees and sunny)…fire codes only allowed certain number……then were inside for several hours…
  • 10,000 people were expected which is unusual for MT….we felt like we were in “the big city” LOL….we were blessed to be able to park near the entrance.
  • Lunch at Benny’s Bistro…jazz music…Madeline cookies with chef’s recipe from France, yummy!
  • Welcome call from my beloved Granddaughter….another alive feeling!
  • David in town for several days checking on his new home progress…hooray!
  • GPa remembered to set the clocks ahead :)

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  1. Hi Jean
    so nice to see your post. 10,000 people for a show? That is amazing. It must have been a large venue. Glad you are feeling alive–you have a bounce in your step!
    Love Rose

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