Grateful attitude for the meeting for my sister at Social Security going better than I thought and taking less time than I thought.

Grateful I had all the paperwork I need. Grateful to have it done.

The camaraderie that develops as you sit next to someone for 90 minutes.

Woman to my right reminded me of another sister.

Everyone has a story!

Grateful attitude that its not a foot of snow. Deal with tomorrow when it is tomorrow.

The white paint brush has eliminated all the imperfections.

School is closed. Remembering what magic there was in a snow day.

Greeting the day with that attitude of possibility, play and gratitude.

One thought on “Grattitudes

  1. Hello Mary Ellen, I was thinking about you earlier today. You are so correct. We all have stories and talking with others, we realize how blessed we truly are. In this political climate which isn’t considerate of others, it is wonderful to meet and talk and share.

    Love Rose

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