• Happy St. Patrick’s Day ♥
  • Huge celebration in Butte America
  • …first time in years that St. Patrick’s Day is on a Friday and a weekend…
  • …preparing for crowds of revelers, even transferring inmates from the jail to make room for people having too much “fun” LOL
  • Irish population in Butte is (per capita) more than Boston!  They say it’s true :)
  • Went to the VA this morning for GPa’s eye doc follow up…
  • …while we were there a man in the waiting room was totally unresponsive to a nurse and soon all of the docs from ER ran to help him and half a dozen medical people came to his rescue and took him to the ER.  Hope he is okay.  Prayed for him.
  • Loving the beautiful tulips Cathy gave me…interesting colors of pale peach, orange, pink GPa said we can plant the bulbs.
  • Happy that my sister is enjoying her new wall tv :)
  • Spring is just around the corner ♥

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