A wicked week

Pressures from around me and even within me. It was a week of snow and changes in plans. Meetings that left my head spinning. Frustration. A general feeling of defeat but gratitude was there.

Grateful to say, H snow I won’t go.

Grateful to recognize I am not feeling well and I need to rest.

Bananas. Cinnamon bread toast. Gatorade.

Getting a whole book read. Starting one written by an acquaintance.

Greetings from my laptop wrap me in hugs.

Grateful I am feeling better.

Grateful I’m a few steps closer to handling my sister’s financial change.

Grateful the TV is working. I can be happy reading but Hubby needs his electronic friend.

Advantage to being sick is less laundry. I lived in PJs.

Ousting the negative persona who took up residence here the last week. Goodbye-Weary, Dull, Mad, Feisty, Martryann, Pessimisma, Confusionista,  and Maniacia.

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