It’s Good Friday!

Memories of Easters past float through my brain and make me smile.

Coloring eggs and painting rocks. (We were ahead of our time as there is a craze to hide painted rocks in N.E Ohio.)

I’m going to take a picture(s) of the rocks taking up room in my closet and set them free .

Easter egg hunt and safari breakfast. (Hunting for small boxes of cereal.)

Easter baskets and of course Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

New outfits.  At least Spring colors.

Family get together. Food,fun and frenzy.

Accepting mellow is not hollow by embracing new traditions. Church,music, dessert at daughters.

No matter how you celebrate. It is a new beginning. Welcome Spring!

One thought on “It’s Good Friday!

  1. Happy you are smiling. Love the painted rocks. Very cool and unique way of connecting. Hoppy Easter. Enjoy the day🐣🐣🐣love rose

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