• Our crazy weather…hail, snow, winter advisory, sunshine, green grass…you choose :)
  • Furnace was out…1 night without heat but temp was warm 40-45 that night, and we were okay
  • Gson’s awesome skiing video at Big Sky
  • Commenting on a lady’s name of “Gloria” and how lovely…she said we don’t see that name often any more….I said that mine was “Jean” and don’t see that one a lot either….she smiled and said, “My middle name is Jean”….fun :)
  • Talking with a WWII Veteran who is 92….looks more like 72!! A fun guy…he’ll be around for a long time:)
  • Raking the yard of pine needles and pine cones…great to have it finished
  • Picture of the Orchid, Flower of the Holy Spirit, amazing!
  • GPa has me laughing for several days…he decided to do a “MacGyver” and fix some aluminum foil as an “antenna” on the top of his ear phones, to eliminate the static…it worked!      He looks like an alien from outer space :)

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