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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The beautiful morning sunshine as it hits Lake Superior.

My cat, who must have thought my bare foot was a toy, and decided to scratch and nibble at it. Ooops!

Going to check out a new place, the Juice Pharm, with a friend later.

Another sober day to live, love and laugh.


Dreams, which have been increasingly interesting on days off.

Good Christian Music.

My dog Jax’s sweet face as I woke up this morning.

My Bible and my meditation and prayer books.

Being able to get out and bicycle into town this morning.

Busy Brain

I woke up early and my brain is pumping out ideas of things I must not forget for the tea. Grateful for the event. It has been fun to plan.

Meanwhile the sun just arose behind me. On vacations I worship the sun’s rising. It is a peaceful way to greet the day.So I pause. I can hear a mourning dove cooing “Good morning”.

I forgot I have a tea set. Mother-in-law long gone has provided a tea pot for the photo booth.

Raiding the drama room for hats and scarves even a fur stole. We will be making memories in pictures.

Making copies of the game. It will be fun. Cheryl is in charge of other game. Grateful for her in so many ways.

Thanks Kathy, although you are weary you helped me make copies.

Finding out our friends we have had for 45 years may come to the tea. Be still my heart!

One by one people RSVP. Yes,no,maybe. Grateful they are letting me know as I try to figure out how many to plan for.

It is good to be busy. I’m braver than I think , stronger than I think and smarter than I think. Thank you God!


  • May’s fragrant and lovely lilacs
  • GPa mowing and weeding and trimming the yard…
  • …he has a garden hose that belonged to my gfather, 50 years ago!…really!…
  • …made before “planned obsolescence” :)
  • Our power was out but only for 45 min.  Bless those linemen!
  • Visited Harry at the assisted living home for his 88th birthday party…he recognized everyone
  • Fun road trip with Cathy in her new car, it talks to her and almost drives for her :)…
  • …gorgeous mountain passes….speed limits on some Montana interstates at 80 mph….remembering when it was “Reasonable and Prudent”
  • Loving my new Nine West sunglasses :)
  • RIP Gracie, our son & family’s Britney Spaniel, 14 years old, such a sweetheart, we all miss her
  • Watching “Sabrina” again during the day, because I can, one of the benefits of being retired :):)

Walking the Steps

Very Grateful for:

God’s constructing us for rest

a long weekend

for once, I did not go into work “to get things caught up while the office is quiet”

green tea with mint from the garden

MaryEllen’s encouragement

Granny’s sweet potato pie

12,293 steps yesterday!

time to read

time to watch the French Open – and drink French Press coffee

remembering my mantra

this wonderful place that Crystal nurtures

“It’s not what you start in life, it’s what you finish.” ~Katharine Hepburn

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Waking up after plenty of sleep and being granted a new day thanks to God.

Good TV programs.

Good books for the not so nice days.

Good food.

My son who works hard at his job(s).

My adorable pets who show me unconditional love.

Being able to remember some dreams.

Prayer and Meditation.

Never stopping trying to be a good Christian.

Decoration Day

My mother called today Decoration Day. It is for remembering veterans  but we would go to the cemetery to plant flowers on the graves of our family.

Skipped the parade because it was  so delicious to sleep in.

Heard the planes go by that signaled they had arrived at Oakwood cemetery.Saluted mentally!

Thanks that many gave their all so all could be free.

Searching for Hubby’s glasses. Found them! Downstairs.

Reading a book recommended by a member of my reading club.

Nice Sunday except for tummy miseries when I drank a bottle of marked down Bolthouse.

Steaks on the grill today with pasta salad and a tossed salad. I’m having a baked potato.

Next week will will be last songs of the year and the last song directed by Ralph and Cheryl. I’m predicting tears but grateful for the melodies of memories that linger in my mind.

Finding just the right study to share at the tea!

Decorate you life today with togetherness, gratitude and joy!

Memorial Day 2017

The men and women who fought and are fighting to defend our country.

I got to watch Joyce Meyer on the TBN Channel this morning.


I got the garbage out on time ;)

Peaceful mornings to contemplate.

Dinner with my son last night.

Good breakfast.

My pets even though they drive me crazy some mornings LOL I love them to bits.

Another sober day.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Waking to a new day with the smell of fresh air after a rain.

Church and Jesus.

The opportunity to live a sober day again.

My pets as they chase around the house.

The memory of my friend Pam, may she RIP,  who would have been 52 today.  She died at 41 years of age.

People in my life who teach me all sorts of lessons.

Time off to evaluate my life and be good to me.

The ability to see God’s grace in my life.

Gratitudes May 21-27, 2017

  1. Sun May 21, early to meeting, conversations, sunny day, good meals, phone calls with friends and family, productive errands, progress at work, good walks, bed early.
  2. Mon May 22, early to work, helpful meeting with boss, help from co-worker, progress at work, sunny day, good walks, good meals
  3. Tue May 23, early to work, cheerful help from co-workers, good walk, progress at work, sunny day, good meals, tears over Manchester.
  4. Wed May 24,sunny day, good walks to and from work, helpful chat with boss, progress at work, good meals.
  5. Thu May 25, early to work, good meals, helpful talk with boss, cheerful help from co-workers, pleasant sunny day, progress at work.
  6. Fri May 26, early to work, good meeting, cheerful help from co-workers, exercise outside (weeding) on a sunny day, good meals, helpful conversations.
  7. Sat May 27, good meals, sunny day, visit with friend for a day.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Vacation time!

Love of my family.

Nice weather.

Nice neighbors.

A beautiful lake to live by.

Funny t.v. shows.

Good food.

A comfortable house.

My dog, Jax, eating his food this morning.

Ibuprofen for my aches and pains.

A good vacuum cleaner.



Peace and Quiet.