I face Mother’s Day with a bittersweet attitude.

My mother passed years ago but her sound advice and attitude toward life are ingrained in me.

The day is bittersweet. Will the phone ring?

My children are grown . The day has shifted to them. Grateful to have a gson.a gdaughter, and a gdog.

So  proud of my daughters mothering. It is so cozy and comfortable. She is a juggling mother but never misses a beat.

Amazed how gdaughters mother fiercely protects and supports my gdaughter. They have a loving relationship.

Pet parent is adored by my gdog. She brings him to visit but he watches the door for her return. So glad to have exuberant doggy love in our lives.

What’s in the package that came in the mail?

Like a magnet I picked up children along the way that are precious to me. Grateful for the children who were grown in my heart.

Memories of raising my kids are both bitter and sweet. I prefer to dwell on the sweet.

Mother’s Day is painful for many. Grateful if I can comfort them.

I make my own Mother’s Day celebration with a movie, a muffin and dark bittersweet chocolate.

One thought on “Bittersweet

  1. Hello mary ellen
    Glad you have a great relationship with your daughter and family. It makes me smile. I love that fact you created the day for you yesterday. Hurray. With love and kindness

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