Monthly Archives: June 2017

July is right around the corner

July I can see you. You send off an aura of red,white and blue. Parades and pancakes  and days marching up to back to school.

But this morning, this minute I’m in June. Summer surprises and sweat. Short and sweet.

I celebrate today and my health to be be able to use it.

My mood that let’s me see the world as clearing up instead of raining.

Peeling poison ivy. The battle is won.

Dining room table shows my journey of medicine. Grateful to pass it to hubby for his  cough.

I am grateful my counselor talked with me when I had the time for my appointment wrong. She is calm. I am grateful for calm.

Unsettled weather but never reached us. Grateful to be safe and temperate.

Humidity coming. Not a favorite but makes you grateful for air conditioners and ice water.

What can I find to be grateful for this last day of June? Let me count the ways.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Although this date used to bring me grate pain years ago, it is better now.  Healing came.



Hearing about a gal I have been in touch with celebrating 90 days clean and sober tonight.

Beautiful day.

Getting things done around the house.

My son.  He is growing too fast.

Learning something new at work today.

Good music on the way into work.

One more day and then back on vacation for 11 days counting weekends off.

My dog and cat.  They ROCK.



I’m  grateful to be feeling better.

I know I was feeling better when I tried to sing though the squawk sent the cat hiding.

When I didn’t sleep all day!

When I read a whole book!

When I didn’t cough till I tinkled! (Sorry reader, I’m really grateful to be past that.)

When my body decided to work with the antibiotic instead of against it.

When I sent an ornery text to someone and chucked as I did it.

When I laughed and scared another cat.

When I realized I had predicted I was going to be offline then Ick made it happen.

When I am dressed in real clothes.

When I am ravenous and thirsty.

When I am optimistic.


Hope and Zest

Very Grateful for:

God’s Love

*Ruby’s zest for life…”she’s young at heart,” said Lil’ Sam.
*our neighborhood and our neighbors
*working in air conditioning
*driving in air conditioning
*a virtual math meet-up between three U.S. states and two African countries today
*the awesome opportunity for me to listen to students discuss mathematical concepts in an intelligent, respect-filled manner
*eye drops
*ice cubes
*hope that tomorrow will bring happy news

The windshield is larger than the rear view mirror…Keep looking forward ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee

  • aahhh chooo!  …. something in the air causing sneezing…it’s been years but perhaps it’s bbaaaccckkkk….dumdedumdum
  • GPa listening to his DaVinci computer and Zoomtex software magnify, read, and talk to him.  Learning about more fabulous new vision aides, one that he can take with him so that he can see a person’s face and read a menu (which he’s not able to do now)
  • …and…he is so happy with his new wireless head phones :)
  • Watering the lawn, weedeating and mowing, GPa likes to keep busy :)
  • Neighbor Luann already sharing her garden by bringing green onions…so good.
  • David/Deedee moving into their new home at the lake this weekend…it’s been interesting watching the building progress.
  • Looking forward to two family weddings this summer :)
  • Sending in our annual summer Green Bay Packer shareholder votes…always a Packer fan!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Vacation time coming again soon.  Yahoooo!  Even if my house will be a mess with the work being done on it.

Being able to sleep in when I want to, for the most part.

My dog Jax bouncing around the house and getting into trouble.

That I can dream about my husband and it is not always so sad.

A cool bedroom to sleep in.

My cat meowing outside my door, determined to get my attention this morning.

My weight loss is progressing…10 pounds down now.

Good people to work with few exceptions.


My son and family.

A.A. and church.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Getting up a little earlier and enjoying my morning protein shake and a good breakfast.

The sound of the birds outside as I woke up this morning.

My dog Jax feeling better and eating well this morning.

My son.

God, who never leaves me.

A roof over my head.

The beautiful sunny day.

A job to go to.

Wake up sober and nicotine free another day.

That I am slowly getting into going through things around the house and cleaning.

Having a working lawn mower again.

Beautiful music.  It does something to my heart.

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

Letting go of anxiety. No more stinkin thinkin.

Finding out you need a tincture of time to heal.

Patient Dr. who says no you don’t have anything serious but doesn’t mock you for thinking you might.

Hubby found out it would be $150 to repair his laptop. New one is $170. Grateful to have funds on hand.

Meg checks in to see if I’m OK.

Going to pick up some food for pancake breakfast. They donate it and we can keep the price low.

Planning to go to work. Hope they don’t mind my cough. I work for patient people.

Keep calm and wait to get better.

Monday, June 26, 2017

My boss being patient with me when I screwed up at work today.

Me being patient with a newer coworker’s judgmental looks.

Another coworker working for me the 9th and 10th of July. :)

A beautiful day outside.

My son picking me up from work.

Eating Domino’s and it not being pizza for once.  I enjoyed a chicken Caesar salad. :)

Losing more weight. :)



Tomorrow will be better

Grateful for a doctor’s appointment when throat is like razor blades.

Cough medicine, kleenex and ear drops.

Hubby is being kind.

Nicknaming my malady Ick! Always the comedian.

A friend checking in to see if I’m OK.

A text waiting to ask  if I got an appointment.

Usually I don’t want attention but today I want to be babied.

Cooler temperatures today.

I will be scolded but will take it as long as they make me well.

Tomorrow will be better!