1. God
2. Summer
3. Lantana has the smoothest fur, and quite a bark.
3a. Lantana among the lantana
4. Watching her with Pegasus, they seem to imitate one another (dog and cat)
5. A thriving garden from rain and heat
6. In fact, the whole little neighborhood is looking nice back here, with Alan’s plants on the other side of the fence, and he planted some flowers next to Terry’s stoop, and I can see Oliver’s roses at 9:00 from where I sit, particularly the salmon colored one alone on the vine.
7. coffee with Eileen and our work together.
8. A story I heard from someone named John. He talked about receiving an orchid for a gift. The plant flowered, the blooms faded, and he was left with a “dirty stick.” His friend told him to water it, let it have sunlight, and watch, and eventually more flowers bloomed. I had a similar dirty stick experience with the orchid which John C. (My friend, not the same John,) gave to me, and my assumption was it died for my neglect, and I got rid of it, nothing knowing or bothering to find out what to do instead. I think I will try again.

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  1. Hi Garrett,
    So nice to read about your neighborhood of lovely flowers! (I must admit that I had to research “lantana”) :)….and learned how colorful and long lasting they are. And a salmon colored rose…and the orchid revival! Peaceful to breathe in all that summer beauty. God is Good.
    Warm thoughts and smiles,

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