Monthly Archives: July 2017

Last day of July

Safe travels for my daughter and her friend Nicole. From pictures they look like they are having a great time.

Safe arrival for my sunshine under the moon. (My grand daughter)

She doesn’t feel well. Not 21 anymore but about 7. Mimi, I need chicken and stars soup.

Grateful there are Urgent Cares if she needs an antibiotic.

Found the Buckeye Ice Cream and bought sugar-free popsicles for a sore throat.

The realization that sometimes you have to wait fifteen minutes and it is good even golden.

A beautiful rendition of “How Great Thou Art” at Church today.

Our pastor’s well thought sermons.

The wagon full of back to school donations.

Planning a hymn sing for August.

Listening because some day I may need a listening ear.

Shared laughter soothes and smooths.

Telling Barb I hope we are friends  when we are old because we will be a comedy act. We are so funny  together!



1. God
2. Eileen and how she is approaching loss
3. Friends like Terri, who comes to tell us, I’ve never been afraid for my health and now I am
4. Breakfast and meeting new people
5. Circuit breakers
6. Hanging plants with brilliant colors
7. Flowers in bottles
8. Dinner with Hannah
9. An abundance of zucchini so zucchini muffins for David


Grateful to still have a job, despite the changes…new roles, new work flow, different computer program to learn and master, new work schedule, trying to see the good in all of it. Grateful for coworkers completely willing to come over and help me out of the digital corner I painted myself into…. Grateful for less fluorescent lighting on the weekends…Grateful for the weekend comeraderie that makes it be ok… Grateful for the Sermon today and the realization that I think I really love my Shepherd at our church….a comfortable feeling as I get older.. Grateful to see a group of women surround a member who lost her husband only 3 days ago , and comfort her. Grateful to still have my husband, who snores, grumps, farts and sneezes so loudly the dog jumps…still I’m Grateful. Our turn will come.

1. God
2. Talking around the campfire, telling stories
3. The endless Maine coastline
4. Cats letting us know how much we missed them
5. Hannah for taking care of the cats, the garden, and the house while we were away
6. A reliable car
7. A where and when
8. A comfortable cottage with all needs met
9. Generous hosts patient with us and with Lantana

Gratitudes July 23-29, 2017

  1. Sun July 23, early to meeting, conversations, productive shopping, went swimming, good meals.
  2. Mon Jul 24, caught the shuttle bus, conversations with co-workers, good meals, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good walk home, insights to ponder.
  3. Tue Jul 25, good walks to and from work, conversations, helpful chat with boss, progress at work, inspiring book, good meals.
  4. Wed Jul 26, good walks to and from work, conversations, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals.
  5. Thu Jul 27, well rested, good walks to and from work, conversations, cheerful help from co-workers, helpful info from internet, progress at work, good meals.
  6. Fri Jul 28, early to work, cheerful help from co-workers, good meals, made the bus for ride home, bed early.
  7. Sat Jul 29, early to work, progress at work, clarification from boss, conversations, good walks, rain cooled everything off, good meals, helpful info from internet.

Almost August

Safe travel to airport at 3:30 a.m. Just the Uber this time!

Thinking our meet up time was 2:30 a.m. Bells and whistles went off at 2:00 a.m. up and ‘attem.

The joy of drowsing for an hour till it’s time. The highway lights in the night. Bright blue and flashing red. So many orange barrels.

Last day for Summer Reading club.  Summer is going fast.

August 6th is Undie Sunday at Church. We will collect underwear for the boys at Cleveland Christian Home.Happy National Underwear Day on the 5th.

Giving into exhaustion and realizing it is Ok. A nice dinner out was more important than anything else.

Follow the directions,step by step and by tonight you will reach your goal.

Adjusting your expectations.



1. God
2. Nasturtium cluster somewhere
3. A dog’s gaze
4. Each her own story
5. The creek rolling
5. The Japanese maple stretching its canvas of space and time.

“Not remembering that we are always receiving sacraments is an isolation the leaves do not have to endure: they receive and give, and they are green. Not remembering this is an isolation only the human soul has to endure. But the isolation of a human soul may be the cause of not remembering this. Between isolation and harmony, there is not always a vast distance. Sometimes it is a distance that can be traversed in a moment, by choosing to focus on the essence of what is occurring, rather than on its exterior: its difficulty or beauty, its demands or joy, peace or
grief, passion or humor. This is not a matter of courage or discipline or will; it is a receptive condition. – Andre Dubus, “Sacraments,” in Meditations from a Movable Chair

Comings and goings

Grand daughter is coming tomorrow. Everything  for weeks has revolved around this.I was grateful to talk to her for a minute last night.I will enjoy her being here. We were making plans.

Going on a search for her favorite ice cream -Buckeye.

Mattress for her bed  is being delivered this morning. Grateful they are delivering it so quickly and cheaply.

I sensed she may still sleep on the couch because there is an air conditioner and a TV in there. At least she’ll have a choice.

Megan is flying out in the wee, wee hours tomorrow to visit her sister in Las Vegas. So her dog has come here to stay. Hubby and Van Gogh are buddies.

Thank you Ann for picking up the chicken to get it cooked for our  food assembly time tomorrow. When I think about the Battered Women’s Shelter and it services, it makes me appreciate the good solid man  I chose forty some years ago.

Off to work I go. I will come home to put up six pieces of wall paper. Out for dinner.