No complaint zone

I am following a diet of resisting complaints. Fill up with optimism and serenity. Guard your tongue and change your thoughts.Just the facts not clouded with negative energy.

Like any diet you have to become aware of where your temptations are. Certain people and circumstances cause me to fall into negative patterns.

Catching myself and rewording the thought or word.I am grateful to be thinking about this. Change is good. I anticipate a good outcome.I feel lighter.

Time to read Pollyanna.(The poster child for finding the silver lining.) Crystal told me it was inspiring.

A start on tackling the mountain of accumulation. Throw,stow, go,bestow and keep!

Grocery shopping on a Thursday on a hot and humid day. Frees the weekend up for other things.

Eating less is the first step of food control.

Wendy’s chicken mango salad. Twice! Even the small is huge!



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