Saturday, July 8 to Monday, July 10, 2017

Having some time without the workers around the rest a bit.

Time with my son on and off.

A friend texting me from work to see how the work on the house was going.

Nice neighbors to hang out with last night for a little while.

My neighbor that is letting us use her shower.  

The beautiful Lake Superior.

God and my wonderful church.

My Bible.

My cat letting me sleep in this morning.

A porta potty to use at 3:33 this a.m. while I have no toilet. LOL.

Good food. Although expensive eating out, it was too humid some days to cook inside.

Dreaming of my husband even if it was not the happiest of dreams.

Talking with my mother-in-law yesterday.

About Karen T

I am a 52 year old widow who lives with her son, dog and cat. I work as a Supply Chain Clerk at a local hospital here in town. I have been sober since April 18, 1982 and have not smoked since September 8, 2005. I am a Born Again Christian who loves Jesus and am grateful for each day I wake up. I have found that even in the hard times, like after my husband's suicide that I can still find things to be grateful for, even if they are little things. God always has my back.

5 thoughts on “Saturday, July 8 to Monday, July 10, 2017

  1. Blissful quiet on the weekend. Nice you talk with your mother-in law. We eat out in the heat. If you choose carefully, it’s not too expensive. Hope they finish soon.

    1. Yeah, some were cheaper meals than others. Now I need to tighten my belt more especially with all the money going into the house. That is my goal. Cook more meals at home, after today rather than eat out. It will work better with my losing the weight also. I want to have a little bit of a nest egg last through this year for sure.

      1. We fed six and more for many years. It’s hard though not to have it be higher calorie.
        Acme had eggs for 49 cents this week .I’m thinking breakfast for dinner.

        1. I love breakfast for dinner. My son and husband used to tease me about that. ;) Although my son has snuck in an omelet at dinner time from time to time. ;)

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