Day of Rest /Day of Accomplishment

Grateful for two days off one to relax and one to achieve.

Slow paced day. Time to breathe. A time to answer emails and returning phone calls.

Contemplation of 14 day utter no-complaint challenge. I’m rewording, reframing  and reevaluating.

Sifting out the guilt over the times I might have hurt someone as I belittled them. I take it as a learning experience. I will more gentle in the future.

A quick errand puts us in the middle of a monsoon.Grateful for my crocs as we sloshed through the parking lot.

Grateful to have what I need to start my to do list for today.

A plan to work on one thing for an hour then another.

Getting started.Sticking to it. Not getting overwhelmed. Pat on  the back.

No Internet till much later. Though I’m grateful for it’s connection and diversion I need to concentrate.

Shoes on. Mental list. Here I go!

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