Must be Summer

Grateful for the chance to do Vacation Bible School. I had been reluctant but now I wonder why.

Laughter, so much laughter and dancing. I don’t care who was watching.

Checking in with Carol before she goes on vacation. She is so much fun but she is a wise queen of compassion.

New air conditioner was not in my plan but it is necessary for the pets, Hubby and Beastly. I had to turn it down last night. Grateful to find one promptly .Cool!

Friend complaining about high electric bill . I said divide by 30 and say” I could breathe”.

Pet Grandma as Meg’s dog has his annual physical. All clear! One tooth may need attention but antibiotic first. Go Van Gogh!

Complaint free is getting easier. I’m grateful to shed the shackles of negative thinking.

The power of prayer. God lift up the grieving. Calm the anxious. Let me make good decisions and give good advice.

Callie Cat was outside last night as she disappeared at bedtime. Home safe this morning!

The morning glories are racing up the posts of the porch. Exciting stuff.


2 thoughts on “Must be Summer

  1. I am glad your cat is home safe and okay. Being a first time cat owner, I go crazy when I cannot find my cat. He is an indoor cat but with the house project and things being so crowded, he finds more places to hid. I would go nuts if he got away outside.

    1. They say an indoor cat going out is like Alice going through the Looking Glass. We have one furball who has never been out. The door blew open and she was on the porch. She was terrified.
      Coyotes in the park near by. I do not like them out at night.

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