Satisfying Saturday

I’m between stress times so will relax till next hurdle. Glad for a chance to catch my breath.

Taking six books back to the library . I read four and am renewing one.

Will take out six more. Reading Club is almost over.

Texting when there is a problem. Texting  to say all clear.

Comments on Facebook posts. I was accused of not showing love but I think a comment is nicer.

Giving a word of encouragement. They lined up for me yesterday but someday I will need them.

Being satisfied with the choices you have made. I regret nothing!

Satisfying snack of fruit and yogurt.

Out for Chinese buffet. I know I over ate but skipped the rice and lo mein.

Unusual week because of Vacation Bible school. Next week is Drama workshops.

They put my name in the video from VBS. I have been initiated!



3 thoughts on “Satisfying Saturday

      1. Oh that is for sure. Chinese buffets are loaded with sodium and some things are loaded with fat. But I love them.

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