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Though I moan as I arise ,I can get up and walk. I walk to the bathroom just ten steps and running water too.

On to my laptop. Emails are always first. Hello Garrett. Ann’s reminds me that September will be a month of service.

I realize it’s trash day so hurry out to add a bag.So much trash we overflow! Thank you sanitation workers for taking it away.

Hubby empties the litter boxes. Thankful for his help. The cats are grateful too.

Pause to admire the purple mums we placed yesterday. Perfect timing the petunias were ready to retire. Funny how four hanging baskets can spruce up the porch and yard.

The morning glories chime in with a sprinkle of purple.

Coffee, hot lemon  water and a smoothie. I put beets in my smoothie. New idea!

An attitude of gratitude. Prayers for all!


Grateful to be almost home after 1,032 mile 1 week Vacation to NYC. Profoundly grateful fora reliable car, affordable gas prices and a husband who drove the whole way. Grateful that our son and his partner in life Liz, are in a good place of life and happy together after ten years. That gives us peace. Grateful to still have a few days Vacation left to relax, do laundry and see the grandkids. Grateful to be almost (not quite) home.


Yes I am grateful for a roof over my head.

Yes I love Jesus.

Yes I am grateful for every sober breath.

Yes it is pouring outside but I won’t complain. We are not Texas. ūüė•

Yes I love my family and friends.

Yes I gad a had night sleeping but I have a bed to sleep in.

Yes I am alive anf grateful.


Praying for those who have lost much. May they find something-just one thing so that they might find peace.

Praying for those under going medical treatment may they never lose hope.

Praying for those who have lost special ones may they find sweet memories to give them comfort.

Prayers for the travelers and the commuters. Safe journeys.

Prayers for those with anxiety. Swim with the current until it settles down. We will not let you drown.

Prayers for my grandchildren. May my girl find her place in the world. May my boy embrace  and enjoy his life. You are my sunshine!

Prayers  for my children. Four incredible people -you amaze me. The others I call family. I am blessed!

Prayers for my Hubby. Love yourself, love me and do not let the chaos of the world upset your calm.

Prayers for friends. Whether we are near or far, see  each other often or occasionally, we have traveled together and the sweet bliss of a shared road will always make us smile.

Peace and love!

Order out of chaos

We are cleaning and organizing a room. Grateful for the time and energy to do it!

Sorting it out. Funny it makes more of a mess as you begin to  go through things.Will be grateful to turn the corner to some degree of order.

I’m a morning up and at ’em work,work,work.Hubby will do better if I give him a box to sort some time that day.

It took me years to figure out that one way isn’t better and together it can get the job done.

Imagine it all gone. Harvey makes me realize possessions are just things. Replaceable stuff. Items you can live without. People are important.Memories are in your heart.

The power of hope when the necessities of life have been taken away. A new order will come from the chaos.

Talking to neighbor realizing we both have the same mindset of service. If we all work our little corner of the world, we are making a huge impact.

Found a journal I was given for Mother’s Day. Good time to begin to channel some energy into self awareness. It always open my mind.

Day  off today. A day to make appointments. Run errands and sort  through some things. I will use my time wisely.



Grateful for feet and legs that carried me today….. grateful for the many NYC Cooks and servers that treated us do well this week…. grateful and loving my son who had let us take over 6 hours of his day each day for this week. One more day, then home to Ohio. Grateful for all the rescuers in Texas. God protect them all. Amen

Amazing Grace

My favorite hymn. Each verse has meaning for me. Meaning  may change but the praise has not.

Finding something that was lost. I seem to be misplacing a lot. Some insignificant some important.

Wonderful sermon. I love the fact you can get a copy to read. Bless my feet to your service Lord.

Synchronicity. Why am always surprised?

First retreat meeting. We have plans. We have reservations but no reservations about this annual event.

How my mother would laugh that I’m buying rocks to paint as the craft. But then she never would have understood bottled water either.

Ordering stickers that cost as much to ship as the product but they are meant to be part of the lesson. Grateful I can find them without going store to sore.

Letting go of anger. Letting peace and grace replace it.

Fear is my topic for retreat. Song says twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved.




1. God
2. Thinking of Karen, John, and others in Texas in the storms’ path. Also Virginia and Charles in Louisiana.
3. Jennifer almost completed her treatment and she seems to be making it through with determination, and love and support from family and friends.
4. Diane with Tom her fiancée who was injured in accident, in the hospital.
5. Jessica and her mother. She goes to visit several times a week.
6. Eileen, for her loss of Mani, her beloved dog.
7. Emily, for her upcoming diagnostic procedure, grateful for Oriana to take her to and fro.
8. Roslyn’s successful surgery. I feel like me again, she said.