New day

Changing plans when it makes one person happy.Mini golf instead of swimming.

Traveling a road you have not been on for years.

Pizza and ice cream cake. Easy celebration for grand daughter’s birthday.

Playing a game that gets more ridiculous with each play. But we laugh!

The peace of family. A toast to us who welcomed them all! (Was there any other choice?)

Being together. Happy talk. Catching up.

I pray the new days will bring many more days like this.

The deer in  the dark watching our car car. Hello deer!

Home. Family. Peace. Bed.



4 thoughts on “New day

  1. I truly love your list today. I lost track of how may times we have had pizza and ice cream cake for our family birthdays, be it kid ones or adult. Time with family is always good in my book. :) I love looking at deer. One of my neighbors is not crazy about them as they eat her vegetables and flowers LOL. That is because we have other people in the neighborhood that feed the and then they helps themselves eventually. I believe they are beautiful creatures though. “Home. Family. Peace. Bed.” <———What gratitude looks like to me. I truly am grateful for all of them.

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